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Are the majority of Irishs who have engaged in sports betting being responsible?

A groundbreaking study carried out by TopEireCasinos.com in collaboration with Opinion Box has successfully surveyed the characteristics and actions of gamblers in Ireland.

The research primarily aimed to ascertain if gamblers from Ireland exhibit responsible behavior when it comes to gambling.

We also explore the potential link between claims of sports tampering and the trustworthiness of gambling platforms within the nation.

As per the research findings, a significant majority of 78% of individuals residing in Ireland have already engaged in various types of gambling activities, such as lotteries, betting establishments, pools, and other similar avenues.

Out of this group, 37% ended up losing a larger sum of money than originally intended, while 28% faced gambling-related behaviors that caused anxiety.

Throughout this text, we emphasize the primary findings obtained from our investigation. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sports bettors are expressing worry regarding the issue of match manipulation.

Ever since the Irish press unveiled a series of reports regarding instances of betting fraud in various regional championships, as well as the prestigious Irish Serie A and Serie B, I have been aware of this issue since the latter half of 2024.

The credibility of gambling in general could potentially be affected by these allegations, according to 47% of Irishs who are closely monitoring the matter, as per the findings of the research. It is noteworthy that a significant 66% of the Irish population is actively following these allegations.

With the introduction of sports betting regulations, it is anticipated that governing authorities will establish dedicated bodies to thwart future incidents and enforce suitable actions against the culprits behind these illicit activities.

78% of gamblers have already been impacted by risky behavior.

The study revealed the primary adverse scenarios encountered by gamblers and yielded the subsequent statistics:

  • Approximately 37% of individuals ended up losing a greater amount of money than initially intended when participating in gambling or betting activities.
  • Playing or gambling caused extreme anxiety in 28% of individuals.
  • Approximately one-quarter refrained from sharing their engagement in the endeavor with their loved ones or acquaintances.
  • 8% experienced frustration due to their inability to participate in gaming or gambling activities.
  • 8% incurred gambling-related debts.
  • 22% of individuals have not encountered any of the aforementioned scenarios.

The findings of the study additionally revealed concerning behaviors exhibited by gamblers, signaling inherent dangers.

I noticed that about 54% of the individuals confessed to accumulating debts or borrowing money in order to fund their wagers, whereas 51% revealed experiencing substantial financial setbacks or the lack of predetermined boundaries while engaging in gambling activities.

Furthermore, 37% of the respondents disclosed exceeding their intended budget on gambling, while 28% acknowledged experiencing anxiety while participating in the activity.

These statistics emphasize the importance of betting establishments providing robust security measures and transparent Responsible Gambling guidelines for the gaming community.

When inquired about their motives for initiating gambling, nearly half of the respondents (49%) cited the potential to generate additional earnings as a key influence.

Fonte: TopEireCasinos.com e Opinion Box

Spending: Over 50% wagered €50 or under.

Six out of every ten individuals who opt to place their wagers via online sports betting platforms such as Betano, Bet365, and PixBet assert that they engage in betting activities on a weekly basis.

At least once a month, 80% of individuals engage in the practice of placing bets.

More than half of the consumers, approximately 54%, spend less than € 50 per month, despite the considerable frequency of their bets.

Fonte: TopEireCasinos.com e Opinion Box


The findings from this survey emphasize the importance of establishing a just and protected setting for individuals in Ireland who engage in betting activities.

As long as there are clear guidelines on handling fraud cases and regulatory measures in place, we are confident that the progress of this process will continue. It is imperative to have organizations dedicated to preventing the occurrence of these illicit activities to ensure its success.

Access the full research document to gain a comprehensive understanding.


In May 2023, I had the opportunity to conduct a study in collaboration with Opinion Box, delving into the thoughts and opinions of 501 adults residing in Ireland. These individuals, representing a diverse range of social classes, hailed from various regions across the country. The interviews conducted were aimed at capturing the essence of their perspectives and gaining insight into the collective mindset of the nation.

Out of all the participants in the survey, 51.5% are male and 48.5% are female.

The prevalent age demographic consists of individuals aged 50 years or above, comprising 25.1% of the collected data. Following this, [Translate the remaining portion of the text].

  • 23% of the gamblers fall within the age range of 30 to 39.
  • 18.8% fall within the age bracket of 40 to 49.
  • 16.6% fall within the age range of 16 to 24.
  • 16.2% fall within the age range of 25 to 29 years.

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