Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

The Website employs cookies to enrich the user's browsing experience while gaining entry.

If applicable, this site utilizes a system for managing cookies where users can choose to accept or reject cookies when they visit for the first time.

Please refer to the table provided for a detailed description of the cookies currently being utilized.

Name Owner Duration Description
_ga Google 2 years This cookie is utilized by Google Analytics as a persistent cookie to differentiate between individual users.
_ga_QVBH2TPMDF Google 2 years This cookie, together with other Google Analytics cookies, stores tracking information for our Website . It keeps record of sessions, time spent on page, bounce rate, and more. The data is categorized by page, and it also includes details about the visitor's device or browser. Additionally, it tracks the channels that brought visitors to our pages.
_gat_gtag_UA_145376639_1 Google 1 minute This is a cookie of the standard kind created by Google Analytics. The name's pattern element holds the special identification number of the associated account or Website . It seems to be a modified version of the _ga cookie.
_gid Google 1 day This cookie is set up by Google Analytics. It is utilized to store details on the usage patterns of Website visitors, aiding in the generation of performance analysis reports. The gathered data encompasses visitor counts, referral sources, and anonymous page visits.
hidecta Legal Bet Ireland 1 year The <Website > places this cookie to retain a preference for displaying or hiding a particular feature.

Google has created the browser add-on called "Google Analytics Opt-out" to expand the choices available to users regarding data collection via Google Analytics.

The addition interacts with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) in order to halt the transmission of data to Google Analytics.

The Website 's functionality remains unaffected when using the "Google Analytics Opt-out" browser add-on.

For your ease, kindly navigate to the webpage to gain further insights regarding the browser extension called "Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on."

To find out more regarding the usage of cookies by Google Analytics, kindly consult the Google site.

Furthermore, we offer a direct reference to the privacy policy governing this particular product.

If you desire to limit the utilization of cookies, you have the ability to manage it within your web browser.

Below, you will find links to instructions on how to achieve this in the most commonly used web browsers. These links will guide you on how to do it in the most popular internet browsers.

You can disable certain tracking cookies by following the provided instructions, but please note that site cookies cannot be disabled.

Additionally, the site incorporates third-party cookies to meet regulatory obligations and employs geolocation software, identity verification software, and gambling site blocking applications.

If you require additional details regarding cookies, kindly reach out to [email protected].

Users who reach out to this Website and/or its owners assume full responsibility for their actions and willingly provide any requested personal information at their own discretion.

We ensure that your personal information remains confidential and is securely stored until it becomes unnecessary or no longer serves a purpose.

The terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policies of each respective social media platform, govern the communication, engagement, and actions performed on external social media platforms where this Website and its owners are involved.

Users should exercise caution and discretion when using social media platforms, especially when it comes to their privacy and personal information.

As the owner of this Website , I want to assure you that I will never ask for personal or sensitive information via social media. If you need to discuss sensitive details, I encourage you to reach out to me using more secure communication channels like phone or email.

This site might employ social sharing buttons to facilitate the direct sharing of content from web pages on specific social media platforms.

I would like to inform users that it is their responsibility to exercise caution when utilizing the provided social media sharing buttons, as there may be associated risks. Additionally, it is important for users to acknowledge that the social media platform has the capability to monitor and retain their request to share a webpage via their social media account.

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