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Betano App - Step-by-Step Guide on Downloading the Betano Application

I have discovered that Betano is a renowned betting establishment in Ireland, highly regarded for its exceptional odds and unique feature known as Bet Mentor. This remarkable tool acts as a rapid assistant, providing valuable support to individuals venturing into multiple bets.

Betano has developed an Android and iOS application, aiming to enhance the betting experience with convenient features.

The Betano mobile application offers all the familiar features found in its desktop counterpart.

The app earned the prestigious title of "Best at the EGR Awards 2019" for delivering an exceptional mobile sports betting experience, garnering high praise from users.

As for the Android version, it cannot be found in the Irish Play Store, while the iOS app can only be accessed outside of Ireland at the Apple Store.

I will teach you how to download the Betano App to your phone. Discover the benefits of betting on the app and learn how to download it to your device. Curious about how to get the Betano App on your phone? Allow me to guide you through the process and show you the advantages of using the app for your betting needs.


Award-Winning Application

Super Odds

Get exclusive Bet Mentor access.

Charge Fast

Great Usability



Solely accessible on iOS devices outside the country.

The easy-to-follow procedure for downloading the Betano app is straightforward.

  1. Access the betting platform using your mobile device.
  2. Register on Betano and claim a Bonus. to play!
  3. Access the online platform by logging into the designated Website .
  4. Towards the end of the webpage, select the option labeled " Android App “, in the section “ Mobile Apps
  5. Download

You're all set! A shortcut will be stored on your mobile device's display, allowing you to begin offering your conjectures immediately!

Please note that the Betano app cannot be found on the Play Store.

It is a frequent practice for gambling platforms to refrain from listing their applications on the Google Play Store.

For instance, popular betting platforms like Bet365 and Bodog do not offer their mobile applications in that location.

Expert Quote

We advise you to verify the authenticity of applications before downloading them to ensure they are official versions.

You frequently encounter harmful software that poses a threat to the security of your mobile device.

Rest easy, as Betano is an exceptionally trustworthy online platform, officially licensed in Malta.

All the security features present in the computer version are also accessible on smartphones.

You always have the choice to use the mobile edition, eliminating the need for app installation. Plus, Betano's version functions exceptionally!

Betano's app navigation is undeniably top-notch! In fact, it received recognition in 2019 for delivering the ultimate betting experience.

The Website 's loading speed is extremely impressive as a major advantage.

Timing plays a vital role for a seasoned bettor in making accurate predictions!

The second crucial aspect is the Website 's exceptional adaptability to mobile devices, which significantly enhances the user experience during navigation.

The menus can be found effortlessly. The primary modes can be conveniently accessed as they are positioned in the center of the screen.

Example screen Betano

If you're someone who enjoys placing bets on poker or participating in live casino games, you'll be pleased to know that there is a convenient bottom menu available for easy navigation to the casino page. This feature ensures that you can quickly switch to the casino section without any hassle. So whether you're in the mood for some poker action or want to join a live casino table, you can do so effortlessly by accessing the bottom menu.

With this, Betano guarantees top-notch betting quality, regardless of the device you choose to use!

Occasionally, betting establishments may opt to provide distinct functionalities on various devices. However, Betano does not follow this approach.

In both the mobile and desktop versions, you will be able to enjoy bonuses, markets, and modalities.

Cashout, a crucial element for the majority of bettors, functions flawlessly on both devices.

In the mobile version, the Super Odds are clearly highlighted and the same holds true for the desktop version. The layout maintains an identical structure, with the icons and colors remaining unchanged.

Example screens Betano App for PC and Mobile

Additionally, mobile users can enjoy live game streaming, mirroring the experience available on desktop computers.

To watch live sports, just tap on the lightning symbol located at the lower right section of the menu.

The lightning symbolizes live events

The Betano application is presently exclusively compatible with Android devices within the territory of Ireland.

An iOS version is available, but it can only be accessed internationally.

In any case, if you possess iOS, the mobile edition will adequately fulfill your requirements.

Don't forget, Android users must access the company's Website to download the Betano app.

Due to the unavailability of the application on the Google Play store, it cannot be located.

To acquire the file, effortlessly navigate the Website on your mobile gadget and tap the Android icon located in the menu on the right side.

An alternative is to select the banner located in the top menu upon reaching the Website .

Note the banner in the image to download the app

Make sure to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on your mobile device.

To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the settings menu.
  2. Click on Security
  3. Activate the option labeled "Unknown Sources."

Rest assured, this poses no threat to the safety of your mobile device.

It's a typical process for downloading applications from sources other than the Play Store.

Without a doubt, the Betano mobile application stands out as an exceptional option for individuals inclined towards placing sports bets on their smartphones.

Navigation on the Betano application is simple, reliable, and swift.

This ensures a top-notch betting experience for the gambler.

The standout feature of the Betano application is the ability to conveniently access all the offerings of the betting platform, including cashout and Super Odds, on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

However, despite the presence of an iOS version, the application cannot be downloaded due to its unavailability on the Apple Store in Ireland.

However, we view this as more of an advantage rather than a drawback since the mobile edition effectively caters to the needs of the gambler.

The overall satisfaction level of the Betano app is quite high. It is definitely worth a download and giving it a shot!

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