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Is Blaze Aposta Trustworthy? | Explore Alternative Options for Wagering.

Blaze, despite being one of the emerging wagering alternatives for Irishs, has unfortunately become entangled in a series of disputes, primarily related to social media influencers within the nation.

In late August 2023, the Irish court made a request to block the official Website of Blaze and also the social media account belonging to the influencer Juju Ferrari, who actively promotes the brand.

The Financial Pyramid CPI is conducting an investigation into a cryptocurrency fraud scheme, and Anatel approved the request on September 4, 2023.

From that point on, betting on Blaze via the authorized Website became impossible; instead, one can only do so using mirror sites or a VPN.

We attempted to access Blaze's official Website as a part of our testing, but unfortunately, it is currently unavailable.

Blaze submitted a court motion seeking to restore its activities in the nation; however, it has not yet obtained approval.

The attorneys representing the brand contend that the "claimed engagement in 'gambling practices' does not occur within the borders of Ireland, rendering the Law on Misdemeanors inapplicable."

Given the controversies, we recommend that you explore more trustworthy accommodations with a stronger standing in Ireland.

While Blaze's operation in Ireland is not against the law, the brand does not actively promote responsible gambling. Thus, it is advisable to seek out more dependable betting establishments.

In the subsequent inventory, we solely take into account brands that possess robust licenses and an esteemed standing among consumers. Refer to:

As a result of the Website being blocked, numerous bettors found themselves unable to access the platform, which consequently led to a situation where individuals with funds in their accounts are currently unable to withdraw said funds.

To access the platform and receive the funds from Blaze, kindly utilize any of the following URLs provided below:

The platform's official Twitter profile made the announcement regarding the information.

The other option is to employ a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which permits users to establish a protected and encoded connection between their device and a distant server, typically situated in a foreign nation, to browse the official Blaze Website .

VPNs can ensure your security, but it's advisable to opt for ones that you deem reliable. Be wary of potentially hazardous alternatives and exercise caution in such scenarios.

Additionally, it's worth considering that employing a VPN may result in reduced network speed, further impeding the swiftness of any digital monetary dealings.

Before proceeding with any actions, it is advisable to verify the information on the Website blazemirror.com.

Blaze is providing updates on the availability and connection status of the "mirror sites."

Prolific Trade N.V., an operating company, runs a platform called Blaze bets. With its licensing in Curaçao, the company ensures compliance with international regulations, establishing a foundation of trustworthiness.

However, we understand that mere possession of a license and adherence to data protection protocols are insufficient to demonstrate trustworthiness.

From the time it entered the market, the company has encountered numerous controversies relating to its advertising strategies involving influential figures in the country, such as YouTuber Felipe Neto. More recently, it faced yet another scandal with influencer Juju Ferrari, resulting in the nationwide suspension of the Blaze Website .

The company is among those implicated in the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission's investigation on Financial Pyramids, focusing on fraudulent activities related to cryptocurrencies, such as those found in gambling establishments.

I came across an interesting finding while doing some research on Reclame Aqui. It turns out that the company in question has garnered a less-than-ideal reputation, with a rating of "Poor". This reputation is directly linked to the surge in complaints, which can be attributed to the current circumstances. However, it is essential for bettors to take this as a cautionary signal.

It is an organization that often faces scrutiny regarding its reputation.

We want to stress that there are superior and more secure options available for Irish gamblers in the marketplace.

Trusted Betting Sites

When you read our analysis, you may find that the betting house is already available online, as Blaze has cleverly developed mirror sites to cater to Irish gamblers without interruption.

Hence, if you're still inclined to try your fortune and place a bet on Blaze, remember that it functions in a similar manner to the majority of gambling establishments.

To place a bet, registration is required prior to submitting your prediction.

Signing up for Blaze is a straightforward process.

  1. Access the Website
  2. click in REGISTER in the top right-hand corner of the display
  3. Enter your data
  4. Deposit a minimum of €30.

Once you have successfully registered your account, you will have the freedom to choose from a variety of betting options. Next, simply select the event and market that align with your personal preferences.

Example como apostar na Blaze

Simply click on the "Bet" button and patiently await the conclusion of the event to determine your success or failure.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that the primary emphasis of the betting establishment lies in online casino games rather than sports events.

The Irish market experienced a surge in popularity thanks to the exclusive game Blaze Crash available on the Website .

The majority of the games available come from well-known providers in the iGaming industry, including Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

However, due to the current standing of the casino, we recommend exploring alternative online casinos that offer greater dependability, including Stake, Bodog, and LeoVegas.

Blaze Robot

Blaze's tiny robot epitomizes an AI tailored for generating your bets and guaranteeing their outcomes.

Players download the tool, connect their account to the platform, and choose a strategy in either Blaze Crash or Blaze Double for automated betting.

Online courses featuring cutting-edge technology are provided by various sports betting tipsters. Ronald Lopes, a well-known influencer, offers one of the most renowned courses.

Example do robô da Blaze do Ronald Lopes

We highly recommend that you proceed with caution when interacting with these Blaze robots.

There are no miracles, just winnings, in the realm of sports betting and online casinos.

Thus, to guarantee a favorable result, it is crucial to thoroughly examine and proficiently handle your financial resources.

Blaze provides Pix, bank transfer, and credit card as its primary payment methods for betting options.

Furthermore, one can conveniently deposit funds by utilizing the widely favored PicPay digital wallet, renowned for its popularity among Irish users.

However, it is important to mention that the betting establishment currently does not support Paypal as a payment method and has discontinued providing customers with the option to use bank slips.

Please refer to the table below for the varying minimum deposit amounts based on the selected payment method.

Payment method Minimum Deposit Processing time
PIX €30 Snapshot
Credit card €40 Snapshot
PicPay €30 Snapshot
Bank transfer €50 Snapshot

The Skrill e-wallet can be trusted for making withdrawals, although the available payment options are limited. It is important to note that the amount of money and the time it takes to receive the funds will differ based on the payment method chosen. For more details on this matter, please refer to the following information:

It is crucial to bear in mind that, owing to the current crisis the company is experiencing in Ireland, the payment schedule does not align with the information displayed on the Website .

Users have frequently expressed their dissatisfaction with the significant delay in the transfer of funds.

Blaze emerged as a fresh player in the Irish market, officially established in 2018.

The gambler can find a sense of security in the house, thanks to its operating license and accessible customer support.

Nevertheless, Blaze's standing within the nation leaves much to be desired as it has garnered numerous grievances on the platform "Reclame Aqui" due to issues with bonus disbursements and Website glitches.

Currently, the Financial Pyramid Investigation Committee has targeted the company, which has already encountered scrutiny for its assertive marketing strategies that involve Irish influencers.

This demonstrates that Blaze cannot be entirely trusted as a betting platform.

According to the guidelines set by TopEireCasinos.com, it is evident that there is still ample room for improvement in order to ensure a secure and top-notch online sports betting experience on the Website .

We aim to consistently track the development of the Website and promptly inform Irish gamblers about any enhancements made.

Reliable Blaze Alternatives

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