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Legality of Betting in Ireland: What is the status of Sports Betting?

With President Lula's endorsement of the MP governing sports betting in July 2023, uncertainties regarding the Gambling Law could emerge.

On the 13th of September, a Bill concerning the regulation of fixed odds betting and online casino games received approval from the Chamber. The next step is for the text to be reviewed and approved by the Senate.

We have crafted a comprehensive handbook that consolidates the historical background leading up to the current regulatory efforts and encompasses all the anticipations associated with this undertaking.

Understanding the Regulations on Gambling in Ireland: Essential Information

  • Is gambling permitted in Ireland?
    Indeed, ever since the enactment of the Sports Betting Act in the year 2018.
  • When would it be appropriate for the regulation of sports betting to take place?
    Sports betting became regulated following President Lula's signing of the MP. The MP underwent transformation into a Bill and received approval from the Chamber on September 13th.
  • Will companies in the branch be subject to taxation?
    Yes, as per the document endorsed by Lula, businesses will be required to remit an 18% tax rate. This levy is calculated on the basis of the Gross Gaming Revenue.
  • And what about the gamblers? Are they obliged to fulfill their tax obligations?
    Indeed, the Irish government has determined that individuals who engage in betting activities will be obliged to pay a 30% tax on any winnings they obtain. It is worth noting, however, that there exists a provision for prizes that amount to less than €2,112, which are exempt from this taxation.

In 2018, the legalization of sports betting came into effect, marking a significant milestone. Despite this, considerable confusion still prevails among the general public regarding the distinction between the legalization of sports betting and that of other forms of gambling, such as animal game and slot machines.

Prior to regulation, individuals had the freedom to engage in betting activities on international online platforms, akin to venturing overseas for the purpose of gambling.

Udo Seckelmann, the sports attorney from Bichara e Motta who holds a Master's degree in International Sports Law, offers an in-depth explanation.

Sports betting has been a prominent feature of the "grey market" for an extended period, characterized by its legalization but absence of regulation.

According to the attorney, the betting establishments were taking advantage of the international market.

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Legal security for investment, fair competition among licensed operators who adhere to the necessary requirements, and clear rules are the key factors that make a regulated market appealing. This ensures that all participants have a level playing field and provides confidence in the legality of investments.

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Below is a concise overview of the regulations governing sports betting in Ireland, presented in tabular form.

Year Regulatory Milestones
2023 MP gets "transformed" into a Bill, given the green light in September, that governs the realm of sports betting in Ireland.
2023 Lula affixes his signature to the document of the MP on the 25th day of July.
2023 Lula is presented with the Provisional Measure regulating betting as it is handed over by the Ministry of Finance.
2023 The Lula administration shows support for the regulation of sports betting by introducing a bill that focuses on imposing taxes on betting establishments.
2022 Payment, as defined, refers to the act of providing a sum of money or other valuable consideration in exchange for goods, services, or debts owed. single fee in € 22.2 million for a 5 year license The license model for authorization and the absence of a signature on the regulation decree.
2021 The national implementation of taxation on sports betting in Ireland was made possible by law 14.183, which resulted from provisional measure no. 1.034. Gross Gaming Revenue– GGR
2020 The deadline for the extension of the approval concerning the regulation of sports betting in Ireland has been prolonged.
2018 Law 13,756/2018, the legislation that grants legality to fixed odds betting in Ireland, has been officially approved.

In December of 2018, Law 13,756/2018 was authorized by Michel Temer, the former President of Ireland.

The eagerly anticipated text, eagerly awaited by all Irish bettors, made the act of sports betting lawful within the country, provided that specific criteria are met.

The fundamental principle behind them is that wagers must adhere to a set of predetermined odds, commonly referred to as fixed odds.

When placing a bet, the bettor must calculate their potential winnings based on the accuracy of their prediction.

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As per the May 2, 2022 draft, the guidelines pertaining to the operators shall be outlined as follows:

  • There are no restrictions on the operators that will conduct business within the domestic market.
  • fee as compensation for the services provided by the consultants. The consultants will receive a payment from the companies as remuneration for their services rendered. single fee in € 22.2 million for a 5 year license ;
  • Ireland will adopt authorization as the model for operators' licenses.

In the text endorsed by Lula in 2023, the approved amount for the single fee was revised to €30 million.

The Ministry of Economy has been designated as the governing body responsible for authorizing, regulating, supervising, and overseeing sports betting, according to recent findings. However, in the revised version, it has been determined that the Ministry of Finance will assume this role instead.

As an assistant, I am here to help you! Here is the revised version of the passage: The Irish market will become much more appealing to operators as the taxation for betting houses will be determined solely on the profit they generate, known as the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). This approach ensures that operators will only be taxed on their earnings, making the market more attractive for them.

The taxation rate mentioned in the text is officially set at 18%.

2023 commenced with a fresh administration and novel viewpoints concerning the oversight of sports wagering.

Ever since President Lula's early months in office, there has been ongoing discourse surrounding the potential regulation of sports betting.

The government's decision to raise the income tax exemption threshold has led to a need for alternative means of recovering lost revenue. One of the reasons for this is the desire to recover the values that will no longer be collected by the government as a result of the increased exemption threshold.

The betting manipulation scandals have also given rise to the necessity of establishing unambiguous guidelines for overseeing and penalizing those involved, a task that can be accomplished through regulation.

1. Regulation

I have received details from José Francisco Manssur, the special advisor to the executive secretary of the Ministry of Finance, regarding the practical implementation of the regulatory process.

As anticipated, any gambling establishment seeking to operate within the nation must obtain official accreditation from the governing authorities.

During a session held at the Chamber of Deputies, Manssur made it clear that participating in gambling activities on an unaccredited Website by the Ministry of Finance would constitute an illegal act, applicable to both the operator and the individual placing the bets.

For the company to conduct business in the country, it is required to:

  1. To experience thirst while in Ireland;
  2. €100,000 is the minimum amount of capital required.
  3. Transfer €30 million to the Union as a grant.
  4. To possess certifications that guarantee the effectiveness of the Website system, as well as the integrity of the payment methods and efforts to combat result manipulation.

2. Taxation

The advisor has informed us that a tax of 18% will be imposed on the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), a detail that has been consistently mentioned in the content.

The calculation considers the revenue acquired by summing up the total amount collected from every game, which includes the payouts given to the bettors.

The idea for the billing structure was influenced by the United Kingdom.

According to Udo Seckelmann, "the iGaming industry widely considers the UK market to be highly influential."

The attorney details the distinctive elements that set the nation apart, which are:

  • The taxation rate imposed on gambling establishments is relatively low.
  • The bettor is not subjected to any tax charges.
  • Taxation structured according to Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR).
  • Serious regulatory entity.

Companies will be required to pay taxes, including PIS/Cofins, Corporate Income Tax, and Social Security Financing, which will be calculated based on their total revenue.

On September 13th, Congressman Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), the responsible rapporteur, successfully secured the approval of the Chamber for the Bill (PL). The proposed changes in the distribution of the collected funds were introduced by him.

Lula's signature was affixed to the MP. , July 2023 Proposed Legislation on Betting and Gaming , September 2023
National Public Security Fund with a 2.55% allocation. National Fund for Public Security (2.55%)
Social Security (10%) Social Security (2%)
Sports organizations and individual athletes who transfer ownership of their image rights (1.63%) Sports organizations and professional athletes who transfer the rights to use their likeness (1.63%).
Ministry of Sports (3%) Ministry of Sports (4%)
Public education (0.82%) Ministry of Education (1.82%)
Olympic committees (1%)
Ministry of Tourism (4%)
Promotion of international tourism in Ireland is handled by Embratur, the Irish Agency for International Tourism (1%).

Any prizes not claimed by the winners will be redistributed to support the Student Financing Fund (Fies) and the National Public Calamity Fund (Funcap).

In addition, online casinos and all virtual gambling providers operating in Ireland, regardless of their geographical location, will be subject to taxation. This tax will apply not only to activities commonly known as "bets" but also to online casino operations.

The Effects of Taxation on the Gambler

In the current moment, amidst the disclosure of various information, a frequently asked question emerges: is it necessary for bettors to pay specific taxes on their betting winnings?

A tribute of 30% must be paid by the player on their earnings.

Income below €2,112 is not liable for tax, mirroring the income bracket exempt from taxation.

Gambling is prohibited for leaders and athletes.

In order to maintain fairness and integrity, certain individuals will be prohibited from participating in betting activities. This includes employees working within the establishments, public officials, and those with affiliations to sports organizations such as athletes, executives, and coaches.

In the world of sports, there exist certain individuals who possess the power to sway the course of events, as evidenced by the recent scandal involving match-fixing in Irelandian football. These individuals wield an influence that can significantly impact the outcome of an actual event.

5. Advertising

Betting establishments lacking a license from Ireland will be prohibited from airing promotional commercials.

In order to secure a license, they are required to meet a set of conditions that will be determined through an official decree.

The proposition put forth by the rapporteur Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA) suggests that:

The promotional activities for the fixed-odds lottery will adhere to the guidelines established by the Ministry of Finance, promoting self-regulation.

Furthermore, it is imperative for the operators to actively spread messages of caution regarding gambling and educate the public about its detrimental consequences. Equally important is the implementation of stringent regulations on the timing, content, platforms, and occasions used for advertising and promoting betting activities, all aimed at safeguarding minors from exposure to such content.

At the congressional public hearing, José Francisco Manssur, the special advisor from the Ministry of Finance, who is soon to become the secretary of gambling and prizes, emphasized the ongoing discussions with CONAR regarding the implementation of a decree focused on responsible gambling. Manssur expressed his concern over the overwhelming presence of betting advertisements on television without any time restrictions or responsible messaging.

My perspective is that we need to communicate to the people of Ireland that gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment rather than a way to become wealthy. However, we should do so within certain boundaries by placing advertisements responsibly. It would be beneficial to include a cautionary message, similar to how beer advertisements currently promote responsible consumption.

For bettors who already hold accounts and have deposited funds, a frequently asked question is which betting companies possess the necessary license to operate within their respective country.

Every brand aims to tap into the lucrative Irish market, generating billions of reais annually.

If certain brands fail to meet the criteria of a potential legislation, they may face restrictions on providing betting services to individuals in Ireland.

The team at TopEireCasinos.com is confident that the following betting companies possess significant potential for acquiring the necessary license to conduct operations within the country:

  • Bet365
    It forms a constituent element of the IBRG, which is dedicated to promoting responsible gambling in Ireland.
    They possess licenses granted by the United Kingdom, Spain, and Malta.
  • Betway
    It forms an integral component of the Irish Responsible Gaming Institute (IBJR).
    It holds licenses issued by the United Kingdom and Malta.
  • LeoVegas
    Excuse me, folks;
    It ranks among the most sought-after destinations for online gambling worldwide.
  • Novibet
    It supports soccer teams in Ireland.
    It holds licenses issued by Malta, Ireland, and Greece.
  • Betsson
    It supports the football clubs of Ireland.
    It holds licenses granted by the UK, Malta, and Sweden.
    He openly showcased his enthusiasm for acquiring the license in Ireland.
  • Betmotion
    It supports Irish soccer clubs and various other athletic endeavors.
    He openly showcased a keenness for the license from Ireland.
    Licensed by Curaçao.
  • Betkwiff
    He openly displayed curiosity regarding the licensing opportunity in Ireland.
    They have been granted authorization by the Isle of Man to conduct operations within the territory of the United Kingdom.
  • F12 Bet
    He openly showed his desire for the license in Ireland.
    He possesses a license in Curaçao.

This list was compiled using statements already issued by official sources of the brands or their involvement in entities that are already emerging in the nation.

These organizations strive to engage in practical discussions pertaining to regulations and leverage their expertise gained from working in various countries.

The implementation of the new Gambling Law in Ireland will have a significant boost on employment, opening up fresh avenues for job seekers.

According to the stipulated document, it is required that every company based in Ireland's industry sector must create employment opportunities for its own citizens.

Furthermore, the bettor benefits from the fact that the Irish government will oversee and ensure the integrity of the betting establishments.

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In case of any issues, such as non-payment or the evasion of data that corresponds to the registered information on the Website , the market benefits from being regulated as it grants easier access to justice.

In conclusion, individuals will not only have the assurance of legal assistance in the event of disputes with gambling platforms, but they will also be provided with safeguards to protect their personal and financial information, along with the prompt receipt of their winnings.

Throughout the content, we have already mentioned that the regulation of sports betting in Ireland will bring benefits to various social sectors. Therefore, we also emphasize the allocation towards these sectors.


The annual revenue generated by the betting industry in Ireland exceeds € 30 billion.

This is because people from Ireland don't have to cease gambling within the country. They simply have the option to engage in online gambling on platforms hosted by international servers.

This rule is relevant for casinos, bingo establishments, and wagering on sports!

In 2018, Ireland passed a new Gambling Legislation that legalized online sports betting.

The implementation of this regulatory measure will result in the generation of fresh employment opportunities, influx of foreign capital into the economy, as well as a notable boost in tax income for the nation.

If Ireland decides to regulate casinos and bingo halls, it could lead to an even more promising scenario.

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    1. Following the implementation of the regulation, all operations can take place within Ireland; however, at present, all procedures must be conducted abroad.

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    1. Greetings, Ramon. It is necessary for every bettor to possess their own registration associated with their CPF at a betting establishment. The CPF number is unique and cannot be transferred.

  7. Is it possible for individuals with a poor credit rating to be unable to participate in betting activities?

    1. Stay tuned, Matheus! Our initial plan was to prohibit individuals with negative credit from placing bets according to the approved Provisional Measure. However, things have taken a turn. On September 13th, the Bill that incorporates some aspects of the Provisional Measure was approved, and with it came a change. Now, individuals with negative credit are allowed to place bets. That being said, it's important to note that the regulation is still being reviewed, and this rule could potentially change again. We'll keep you in the loop with our updates because we always strive to provide you with the latest information!

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