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10 Strategies for Placing Winning Corner Bets at Corners Market

Are you interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of corner kick betting and how the corner kick market operates? Would you like to ascertain the average frequency of corner kicks for various teams?

This article is the perfect guide for your needs!

In the subsequent paragraphs, we shall demonstrate to you:

  • The top online platforms for placing bets
  • Discover the art of strategically positioning corner bets
  • Different types of wagers and betting markets available.
  • Tips for achieving success in corner kick predictions.
  • Where can one locate the mean quantity of corners for various teams?

Determining the Average Number of Corners per Team: How Can You Find Out?

If you are only interested in determining the average number of corners for the teams, there are two methods available to you.

  • Betting Houses

  • Specialized Applications

Below are the listed betting platforms that offer comprehensive corner statistics for the prominent global Football tournaments.

Website s catering to the needs of regular corner kicks.

Make sure to also explore the top online gambling platforms offering exclusive promotions and bonuses in the year 2023!

If you are looking for specialized apps that offer game predictions as well, you can easily find them by accessing:

  • SoccerVista
  • FootyStats
  • FutData
  • Football Investment
  • SofaScore
  • My Results

However, for your convenience, we disclose the typical quantity of corners per match in the leading soccer leagues worldwide.

  • World Cup: 11,0
  • German Bundesliga: 10,1
  • Irelandeirão A: 10,44
  • Ireland Serie B: 10,5
  • Ligue 1 French: 9,71
  • La Liga Spanish: 9,21
  • Italian Serie A: 10,74
  • English Premier League: 10,64
  • Champions League: 9,5

The 8 Website s presented below are exceptional options for engaging in corner betting due to their comprehensive range of offerings.

Especially in fast-paced and competitive competitions like the World Cup, it is crucial for bettors to consider these factors in order to maximize their earnings with this type of sports bet. As we delve into the details below, we will see the importance of these factors in ensuring successful outcomes for bettors.

In the corners market, numerous submarkets can be found, offering a diverse range of options.

For certain individuals, this might appear perplexing, but at its core, it embodies a constructive essence. Is it not simply a matter of speculating on the occurrence of corners for the respective teams?


For instance, the local shops of Bet365 or Betfair may offer more than 10 diverse choices for betting!

Discover the mechanics of the markets outlined below:

  • 1X2 Overall Corners

  • Betting on whether the final score will be above or below a certain number, or predicting the exact score outcome.

  • Handicap

  • Corner Race

Total number of corners in regular time for the 1X2 outcome.

This particular market is incredibly straightforward and uncomplicated. It revolves around placing bets on which team will accumulate a greater number of corners during the game.

Example of Bet365 !

Take note of the significant contrast in the odds between Chelsea and Brighton in the given example.

The Blues' superior skills, both at home and on the road, make it understandable why they tend to be more aggressive in their gameplay, resulting in more attacks and corners.

The team that launches more attacks increases their likelihood of earning corner kicks and gaining an advantage!

The possibility of a tie is improbable. Take caution, as it signifies an equal number of corners, not goals!

Over/Under/Exact Number

The bookmaker establishes a designated count of corners for the game, specifically 10, when it comes to the contested encounter between Brighton and Chelsea.

It is crucial to avoid placing bets on the precise count of corners a team will achieve, or even the overall number of corners in the game.

Corner kicks have a tendency to be unpredictable, resulting in potential harm that could have been avoided.

In the given instance, we merely have the Above and the Below. Only a handful of residences provide the market with the precise count of corners in the game.

Additionally, discover the technique of utilizing Over/Under in goal scenarios!


The Handicap presents a lucrative opportunity for corner kicks, especially when wagering on a highly favored outcome.

Example of Bet365 !

Chelsea is expected to emerge victorious against a weaker team, despite their disadvantage of -2 corners which they can easily overcome.

If the Blues manage to earn a minimum of 3 additional corners during the game, then congratulations! Your bet will be declared the winner.

In the realm of Asian Handicap, an added advantage presents itself!

In the event that Chelsea accumulates just 2 additional corners during the entire match, your bet will be refunded. Although there will be no profits, there will also be no losses.

If it was the European Handicap, that possibility would not exist. Keep that in mind. The more you can avoid incurring losses, the greater your chances of success will be.

Understand the functioning of Asian and European Handicaps.

Corner Race

The Corner Race is steadily growing in popularity. in Ireland, there are few residential properties that cater to this niche market.

It involves placing bets on the team that will achieve the first occurrence of "x" corner kicks.

Recognizing this fact, it becomes apparent that this is an ideal choice for individuals who derive pleasure from engaging in live betting!

Example of Bet365 !

Note: It's also worth considering that no team will achieve "X" corners during the match, which could provide more enticing betting options.

Top Picks for Placing Corner Bets in Residential Properties

Now that we have a grasp on corner kick betting, it's crucial to understand methods for enhancing our odds.

We are all here with the purpose of winning because nothing beats having helpful tips to improve our chances.

Discover 10 straightforward strategies to excel at corner betting and achieve mastery!

Make Live Bets

Live betting allows greater control over the corners market

Even if you refrain from wagering on the goal market or predicting the event's winner, it is crucial to pay attention to how a match unfolds.

The spectacle can be completely transformed with just a single goal within the initial 10 minutes of the game.

The individuals exerting pressure find themselves restraining slightly, while the opposing team fervently engages in aggressive offense.

However, the question remains: how can one determine whether a goal will occur early or not? The answer is quite straightforward - opt for live betting specifically in relation to corner markets.

And if possible, witness the match in real-time!

Leverage the opportunity presented by the abundance of homes that currently provide this option. Seize it for your benefit!

??? Hint: In case the team playing at home is behind, consider placing a wager on them having a greater number of corner kicks compared to the opposing team.

The hosts will naturally exert pressure and earn multiple corner kicks during the course of the game.

However, the opposite scenario is also plausible! In the event that the home team successfully scores the initial goal, they may unwind and cease their efforts to assail the adversary's goal.

If the less strong team fails to advance, it will prove challenging in securing a corner kick.

For enhanced safety, maximize the advantages offered by live betting.

Taking a calculated risk while playing in this particular market enhances your likelihood of achieving victory.

Carefully examine the teams' approach to the game.

Does the team tend to focus more on playing towards the flanks and displaying a preference for crossing the ball?

He possesses a group of towering athletes, leading to an increased frequency of corner kicks.

Are you frequently aiming for the goal or do you consistently try to penetrate the opposing team's defense?

All these elements suggest that this team has a tendency to generate a high number of corner kicks in each game.

This type of analysis has the potential to enlighten you and provide insight into determining the optimal bet to place.

Adding statistics amplifies the significance even further.

Keep in mind, though, that this should not be seen as an absolute fact. The world of football is filled with instances that go against the norm, and frequently these instances turn out to be valid.

3. Steer clear of teams that excessively dominate ball possession.

Barcelona is renowned for its captivating and meticulous ball control, always aiming for the epitome of a flawless goal.

If you plan to wager on corner kicks, it is advisable to steer clear of these teams as per the advice of seasoned bettors.

The reason for this is that they seldom attempt long shots or actively seek corner kicks. Their approach is to consistently keep the ball on the turf.

This suggestion holds a significant amount of truth, but one should exercise caution when considering it.

Barcelona presently maintains an average of 4.8 corner kicks per game, while Juventus, known for their defensive playing approach, maintains an average of 6.1.

However, during the previous season, Barcelona had a higher average count of corners!

Exercise caution, for exceptions are ever-present. Your aim should be to discern when it is advantageous to place bets on these exceptional cases.

4. Take note of the initial 10 minutes of the match.

The initial 10 minutes of the game establish numerous patterns that will persist for the majority of the match.

This has relevance when considering corner kicks. Should one team begin to apply pressure on the opposing team, it is plausible that the initial quarter of the game may witness an abundance of corner kicks.

Additionally, in the event that the team is facing immense pressure, their strong defensive skills will come into play as they strategically aim to exploit counterattacking opportunities.

Alternatively, the pace of the game can be leisurely and deliberate, resulting in the ball predominantly being confined to the midfield with limited progressions.

Leverage the power of data to benefit your goals.

When it concerns cards, objectives, and corners, statistics continuously factor in.

Failing to utilize these numbers to ensure accurate betting choices is an error. Primarily, verify the statistical data of the participating teams for the respective event.

This becomes even more crucial when making the choice to wager on evenly matched occurrences.

Two teams of comparable skill levels have a tendency to produce an engaging and closely contested match. Consequently, it becomes challenging to predict which team will exert more pressure.

If you possess the relevant statistics, you'll gain insight into the expected behavior of both teams.

Don't lose hope! This valuable information is accessible and unrestricted across the vast realm of the internet.

Gambling Platforms Offering Detailed Corner Statistics.

Place your wagers on well-matched contests.

Pinnacle published an informative article elucidating that matches featuring teams of equivalent caliber often result in a higher frequency of corner kicks.

It might bring excitement to witness a captivating showdown between the formidable teams of Manchester City and Liverpool, or alternatively, an intriguing encounter featuring Santa Cruz and Remo.

What is the reason behind emphasizing the importance of focusing on events that are well-balanced?

The inclination is for a game that is further dissected, with emphasis on the midfield. This may lead to an increase in the occurrence of set pieces, long-range shots, and corner kicks.

7. Visit the Minor Tournaments focusing on exceeding corner counts.

Footystats reveals that less renowned and widely recognized competitions typically exhibit a greater average count of corner kicks.

These tournaments showcase teams with lower complexity and offensive skills, aligning with the earlier suggestion.

Balanced matches yield an increased number of corner kicks.

On the contrary, it is not always the case that a tournament such as the Premier League would prove to be a favorable option for betting on the Under market solely based on its higher level of quality.

Analyzing each case individually is crucial for achieving more accurate corner betting.

Become acquainted with the distinct style of the goalkeepers.

The primary individuals responsible for awarding corner kicks to the opposing team are often the goalkeepers, particularly those who employ a more flamboyant defensive approach.

It is worth observing the typical defensive techniques employed by goalkeepers when defending against incoming balls.

Manuel Neuer, the Bayern Munich player, has gained notoriety for his goalkeeping style, often described as more "secure" in the showcased video below.

Of course, it should be noted that he does not refrain from conceding corner kicks to the opposing team. What is crucial to consider is the goalkeeper's overall approach to the game, as it can offer insights into how he will perform in various situations.

Take a chance on the latter part of the match.

As previously stated, placing bets on corner kicks during live matches is advantageous due to the enhanced insight it offers into the game's development.

For optimal results, consider placing corner bets during the latter half of the game to enhance your strategy.

In the event that the preferred team fails to secure a goal during the initial half, it becomes highly probable that they will unleash their full force against the opposing team in the latter half.

The immense pressure might result in numerous opportunities for corner kicks!

When we manage to establish a substantial advantage during the initial period, it is highly probable that the tempo of the match will decelerate. As a consequence, favorable prospects may arise for placing bets on the Under option.

10. Exercise prudence regarding the added duration of gameplay.

Something rarely disclosed by bookmakers: a significant number of corner bets become voided if the referee decides to include additional time.

In regards to in-play wagering, this holds significant value. It is common knowledge that during additional time, a team might opt to apply more pressure, thus leading to an increase in the number of corner kicks.

However, if corner wagers conclude in additional time, it's not truly worthwhile to delay placing wagers throughout that duration.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the market regulations of the establishment where you are placing wagers. By doing so, you can confidently avoid any potential monetary setbacks.

The profitability of the corner market in the long term can be maximized by skillfully placing bets, despite its inherently unpredictable nature.

Having knowledge of the most secure markets is the initial stride towards minimizing the potential for financial setbacks.

Your behavior as a player additionally influences your outcomes in this particular market.

Having an analytical and investigative profile is crucial. Take the time to thoroughly study:

  • Data
  • Statistics
  • Team numbers

Discover which teams consistently take the most shots during each game, subsequently resulting in a higher number of corner kicks awarded to them.

Times that prioritize defense should refrain from placing wagers on corner kicks, much like those teams with shorter players.

First and foremost, grasp the specific approach to the game employed by the teams you wish to place your bets on.

This will guarantee that you don't wager a significant portion of your funds on a team that lacks appreciation for aerial tactics.

In order to maximize your chances of success, it is highly recommended to place bets on live events whenever they are available. In particular, making in-play bets can be highly advantageous when it comes to the corner market.

Harness the unpredictability of Football to your benefit when making predictions.

Bet on the Corner Market with these Online Platforms.

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