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The Legislative Measure Controlling Sports Gambling is Presently in the Form of a Proposed Law.

In July 2023, President Lula signed the Provisional Measure aimed at regulating sports betting. Following this, in September, the Bill that encompasses the provisions of the Measure was presented by Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), who serves as the rapporteur. Subsequently, the text of the Bill was forwarded to the Senate for further consideration.

The primary modifications in the proposed legislation pertain to the allocation of tax revenues obtained from gambling establishments. Instead of the Social Security department receiving 10%, it will now receive a reduced percentage of 4%.

Embratur, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Olympic Committees are among the entities that will be entitled to a portion of the 18% taxes.

  • Taxation
    Companies will face an 18% tax rate on their Gross Gaming Revenue.
  • Concessions
    Betting houses in Ireland will have the freedom to operate without any restrictions on the number of concessions they can obtain.
  • Prohibition
    Coaches, referees, and athletes shall not be permitted to engage in betting activities.
  • Grant
    The permission for the functioning of the Website s will be established at € 30 million. The Website s will be permitted to operate within Ireland for a duration of 5 years.
  • Advertising
    The Ministry of Finance and Conar will work together to promote responsible advertising, ensuring that betting establishments include information about the risks linked to gambling in their promotional materials.

The MP signing officially established an 18% rate on the Gross Gaming Revenue of these companies.

In May, the Ministry of Finance unveiled a proposal that detailed the taxation of wagers, coupled with strategies to combat game manipulation. Back then, the government had projected a tax rate of 16%.

I have rearranged the sentences and used different expressions to create a unique passage while retaining the same length and main theme: The government's decision in the Provisional Measure was to raise the transfer to the Ministry of Sports from 1% to 3%. As a result, the total taxation mentioned above increased to 18%.

Discover more: GGR corresponds to the earnings amassed from various games, following the distribution of rewards to players and subtracting the applicable income tax from the total prize amount.

On September 13th, the Bill (PL) will undergo review, based on the revised text put forth by Deputy Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), the rapporteur.

One aspect that has been modified relates to how the fee is distributed.

Signed by Lula. The rapporteur has made updates to PL.
Fund for Public Security at the national level (2.55%) The National Fund for Public Security (2.55%)
Social Security (10%) Social Security (2%)
Sports organizations and individual athletes who assign their image rights (1.63%) Sports entities and athletes who transfer the rights to their image (1.63%)
Ministry of Sports (3%) Ministry of Sports (4%)
Public education (0.82%) Ministry of Education (1.82%)
Olympic committees (1%)
Ministry of Tourism (4%)
Irish Tourism Promotion Agency - Embratur (1% International)

The document also introduces an innovative feature where any prizes left unclaimed by the winners will be directed towards the Student Financing Fund (Fies).

I can help you with that! Here's the revised version: According to the given passage, the eligibility for authorization to operate fixed-odds betting is limited to Irish legal entities established under the country's law, with their headquarters and management located within the national territory. In order to qualify, these entities must fulfill the requirements outlined in the regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance.

This encompasses not just the activities commonly known as "wagers," but also web-based gambling establishments.

Taxation for the Wagerer

The Ministry of Finance has recently made a decision to impose a tax on the winnings obtained by gamblers.

As per the latest legislation, rewards below €2,112 will be free from taxation, while anything above this threshold will be subject to a 30% tax rate.

It is crucial to acknowledge that this exception aligns with the earnings bracket that is not liable to be taxed by the Internal Revenue Service.

We eagerly await further updates to enhance the information on the taxation of bettors.

Variations in content between the 2018 version of the text and the officially sanctioned measure.

President Lula's signature on the legislation entails certain modifications to the Betting Law, which received approval back in 2018.

Law of 2018 Law of 2023
95% for the operator 82% for the operator
The National Public Security Fund receives a funding allocation of 2.55%. 2.55% allocated to the National Public Security Fund. 2.55% allocated to the National Public Security Fund.
1.63% for sports entities 1.63% applies to individuals who are recognized in the realm of gambling, specifically players and athletes whose names are linked to this domain. 1.63% for individuals involved in gambling-related activities among players and athletes.
0.82% for basic education 0.82% for basic education The Ministry of Education has been allocated a budget of 1.82%.
10% for Social Security. 2% for Social Security.
3% allocated for the Ministry of Sports The Ministry of Sports receives a 4% allocation.
The Ministry of Tourism receives a 4% allocation.
1% for Olympic Committees
1% allocated to the promotion of international tourism by the Irish Agency for Tourism Promotion - Embratur.

To reinforce safety for vulnerable audiences and combat fraud and manipulation in sports betting, the MP (Medida Provisória) proposes that a certain segment of the population be restricted from engaging in this activity.

Included are:

  • Under 18 years old

  • A public agent employed in the federal level of oversight within the sector.

  • Individuals such as coaches, referees, athletes, or any other person capable of influencing the outcome of the game.

  • Individuals who possess the means to utilize computerized platforms for engaging in fixed odds betting within the context of lotteries.

The prohibition also extends to married couples, companions, and family members up to the second level of scrutiny who are affiliated with public monitoring officers and people with authorization to utilize gambling platforms.

That's because they are unique individuals who might possess information capable of impacting the results of the matches.

In the new report, the group of individuals registered with credit protection agencies has been removed from the list, which means they would be allowed to gamble under the MP approved by Lula.

The Provisional Measure includes various relevant details, but it is the taxation and the list of restrictions on gamblers that have garnered the most attention in the text. Nonetheless, we have made sure to include other important information as well.

Spreading Knowledge Among the Masses

The Provisional Measure requires betting companies ("bets") to take responsibility for raising awareness among gamblers regarding the dangers associated with developing a gambling addiction.

The Ministry of Finance will have the responsibility of regulating marketing activities.


The Ministry of Finance has set regulations for communication, advertising, and marketing concerning the fixed-odds betting lottery.

Authorized operators are required to display notices and warnings regarding the negative effects of gambling, including discouragement of such activities.

With the intention of safeguarding young viewers, there will be regulations in place concerning the airing of gambling advertisements and promotions, including limitations on schedules, programs, channels, and events in which they can be broadcasted.

The Ministry of Finance's special assessor, José Francisco Manssur, revealed ongoing discussions with CONAR regarding the development of a Responsible Gambling regulation.

When I switch on the television these days, it seems like an onslaught of Bet's commercials. They're coming at me from every angle, with no regard for timing or messaging. Our aim is to communicate to the people of Ireland that gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment, not a get-rich-quick scheme. However, we must ensure that these advertisements are subject to certain restrictions. It's crucial that we include a responsible gambling warning in a similar manner to how beer advertisements do.

Unclaimed Prizes

Any prizes not claimed by the winners will be assigned to the Student Financing Program (Fies) and the National Fund for Public Calamity (Funcap).

Entrepreneurs' Involvement in Sports

The engagement of gambling company partners and shareholders in executive positions or any affiliation with sports organizations is strictly forbidden.

Furthermore, these corporations shall have the responsibility to notify the Ministry of Finance in the event of any suspicious occurrences relating to the manipulation of outcomes.

Now, it should be noted that companies involved in the betting industry are currently prohibited from purchasing, licensing, or funding the procurement of rights to sporting events taking place in Ireland. This ban specifically applies to their intentions of broadcasting, distributing, or exhibiting such events through any medium of communication, encompassing both audio and visual elements.

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