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Regulation: in Ireland, gambling is viewed as advantageous by 64% of the population.

A Provisional Measure announced this Tuesday (25) by President Lula officially revealed the regulation of sports betting in Ireland. The groundbreaking survey conducted by Opinion Box and commissioned by unveiled that a majority of 64% of Irishs firmly believe that this regulation will bring numerous benefits to the country.

Based on the survey findings, the primary advantages observed were:

  • There has been a 42% surge in individuals feeling more assured about accessing online gambling platforms.
  • Enhanced protection for the gamblers (40%);
  • Houses only provide information transparency at a rate of 39%.
Fonte: e Opinion Box

In terms of the perception of fraud, 22% of individuals remain skeptical about any change in the scenario, while a significant portion, 45%, hold the belief that fraud will decrease. As for security, a notable 32% of individuals maintain a neutral stance, while 44% are optimistic that there will be increased security following regulation.

The research also discusses the topic of tax collection, which is a key aspect of the regulation that was approved via the Provisional Measure.

In the survey, a majority of 58% of participants expressed their support for regulating operators as a means to allocate more taxes towards societal benefits, while a minority of 17% held a contrary opinion.

Approximate final version: In my opinion, it is believed by 37% of the respondents that the implementation of clear regulations in the market could result in a greater number of companies being established in Ireland. Additionally, 47% of Irishs hold the view that such well-defined rules can potentially lead to an increase in job opportunities.

Fonte: e Opinion Box

Approximately 50% of the individuals who place bets are improbable to alter their routines following the implementation of regulations.

Among the regular bettors, 54% have expressed their intention to continue betting in a similar manner, while 31% have indicated a preference to reduce their frequency of betting.

Fonte: e Opinion Box

A significant proportion of individuals who are currently not engaging in betting activities have yet to develop a definitive viewpoint on the matter, while out of those who have, a notable 34% have no intentions of altering this particular habit.

Believing that the regulation of sports betting platforms will lead to companies establishing headquarters in Ireland, 37% of the Irish population anticipates a positive impact on job creation within the country. Furthermore, 55% of individuals are of the opinion that the number of individuals engaging in betting activities will witness a surge following the implementation of regulations.

Read the entire research report.


I interviewed a diverse group of 501 Irish adults from all walks of life, hailing from the country's five main regions. It's worth noting that the participants were all above the age of 18. In terms of gender distribution, the group consisted of 51% females and 49% males.

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