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How to Report Earnings from Sports Betting on Income Tax?

For Irish bettors, particularly those who generate income from this activity, a prevalent query often arises: do I have an obligation to disclose my earnings from sports betting?

The response to this inquiry is subjective and contingent on various factors.

If your annual income exceeds €28,559.70, including income from sports betting, you are required to submit your Income Tax return, as stated by the Federal Revenue. Conversely, if your income falls below this threshold, you are not obliged to go through this procedure.

Moreover, additional considerations, like your individual gambling habits, might necessitate you to submit regular tax payments. Are you intrigued?

In this article, we will address the primary concerns regarding the process of reporting your income from gambling establishments. Take a look!

Before determining whether you need to disclose your profits from sports gambling and the process to go about it, it is crucial to elucidate the existing taxation system for betting in Ireland.

In 2018, when the Gambling Law passed, it was determined that the operator would bear the responsibility of withholding income tax on bets, deducting it directly. This deduction, set at 30% of the total amount, ensures that the tax is collected before the winnings are distributed.

If the bettor succeeds in any wager, their reward will be reduced by 30%.

Udo Seckelmann, an attorney who specializes in sports law, has highlighted this as a highly contentious element of the legislation, as it essentially places sports betting on the same level as traditional lotteries.

Despite incurring a loss of €10,000 for an erroneous prediction, the lawyer emphasizes that sports bettors will still be liable to pay withholding tax on the €5,000 they received for accurately forecasting an outcome in a single day.

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Taxing sports gambling "on both sides" is seen as an overly burdensome approach.

According to the lawyer, Udo believes that it would be beneficial for bettors to be treated in legislation just like any other group of investors. This would enable them to declare their gains and losses in income tax periodically, but they would only be taxed based on their actual profits.

Currently, this rule of 30% applies exclusively to Irish-based betting Website s holding a CNPJ.

International platforms like Bet365 and Betano, for instance, remain untaxed in Ireland due to their non-compliance with national regulations.

Online betting being illegal is not the case here. It's simply a matter of the market being regulated, and as a result, the taxation differs when betting on Website s hosted abroad.

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Keep in mind that we previously discussed how the reporting of earnings from bets is contingent upon your status as a bettor.

If you frequently win and withdraw funds from a betting site as a regular bettor, it is necessary for you to declare your winnings.

Is it possible for your balance to be negative in the betting establishment and for you to be exempt from paying Income Tax? Absolutely!

Any funds deposited into your account are subject to taxation, regardless of whether you are a successful gambler or not, as per the regulations set by the Federal Revenue Service.

If this does not apply to you, but your yearly income exceeds € 22,847.76, you must also disclose any funds received from gambling activities.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is obligatory for you to file your income tax return, ensuring that you disclose all your sources of income.

If you happen to have won a prize exceeding €40,000 on a betting Website , it's not just a matter of good fortune, but it's also necessary to disclose it on your income tax declaration, irrespective of any exemptions you may have.

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Ensure efficient management of the monthly funds deposited into your bank account to prevent any potential issues during inspections.

To avoid the risk of getting caught in the intricate web of the Federal Revenue, it is crucial to be mindful of this. Should such an unfortunate circumstance occur, it can result in your CPF being blocked, causing a multitude of headaches.

To declare your bets for Income Tax purposes, the online process is incredibly straightforward.

You have the option to utilize the e-CAC Portal, acquire the Federal Revenue program on your computer, or download the application on your mobile device (Android/iOS).

Once you have completed entering all your details, access the "Income Subject to Exclusive/Definitive Taxation" form by navigating to line "12 - Others".

After choosing the form, you will input the given values along with the wagers and include the tax identification number of the bookmaker who supplied your prediction.

The declaration of Income Tax occurs once a year!

This is applicable if you meet the criteria we previously specified.

  • In the past year, I earned over € 22,847.76, and a portion of this sum was derived from establishments where one can place bets.
  • He emerged victorious, securing a grand prize of €40,000 through his astute sports wager.

Now, in the event that you frequently withdraw funds from gambling establishments, it is necessary for you to provide a monthly statement in order to potentially qualify for exemption from fees. We will provide additional details regarding this matter.

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If the received amount falls below the current initial limit for the progressive table, it should be acknowledged that this does not exempt one from completing the monthly form.

It is essential to assess whether the taxpayer will or will not meet additional obligatory conditions for submitting their Income Tax declaration.

What is the process for paying taxes on money won from gambling activities?

It is crucial to report your earnings from online gambling, regardless of whether they surpass the yearly income tax threshold or not, as they will be liable to taxation by betting establishments.

If you frequently engage in gambling activities, it is necessary for you to disclose your financial transactions to the Tax Authority.

If a worker does not earn an annual salary exceeding €20,000, they must declare themselves exempt from income tax.

In this scenario, there exist a pair of methods for a diligent and frequent gamer to report their profits.


To engage in financial dealings with Irish banks or institutions based in the country, it is essential to utilize the Carnê-Leão.

It serves as a tool utilized by independent individuals, including betting advisors and sports speculators.

The tax amount you pay monthly depends on your declared earnings, so it can vary.

The download of Carnê-Leão is available on the official Website of the Federal Revenue. The software automatically computes the monthly collection amount based on the prescribed tax rate.

You still have to obtain Sicalc, an additional software, in order to proceed. Once you input the monthly sum given by Carnê-Leão, this particular program will compute the DARF (Federal Collection Document).

In this manner, you are able to create the invoice for your tax payment, which can then be settled at lottery establishments or branches of financial institutions.

By adhering to these instructions, you can ensure a smooth experience regarding your earnings and yearly tax filing.

Digital wallets or virtual wallets

Skrill and Neteller offer a more user-friendly experience with their virtual wallet services.

If you exclusively utilize e-Wallets for your financial transactions, there is no obligation for you to disclose or settle tax liabilities.

This occurs because the Federal Revenue lacks jurisdiction over these devices and does not impose taxes on them.

That's why it's quite typical for gamblers to opt for this payment option when signing up with a bookmaker.

It is crucial to declare your earnings in sports betting, but as demonstrated in this article, it is not an overwhelming responsibility.

It is imperative to unveil the complexity of this procedure, since, in case gambling constitutes a portion of your earnings, it is vital to stay abreast of the Federal Revenue Service.

As the sports betting market approaches regulation, the prevalence of this activity is expected to increase. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the process of placing bets, whether for leisure or as a serious endeavor, remains hassle-free. We must avoid any potential complications or difficulties that may arise in this regard.

The objective is to motivate gamblers and ensure they are knowledgeable about the frequently overlooked regulations in the industry.

Ultimately, all individuals reap the rewards of the shared knowledge!

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  1. Hello, can I establish a corporation to acquire the earnings from the wager to minimize tax obligations to the governmental authorities?

    1. If you want to explore this matter further, Adson, we must acknowledge the seemingly impossible nature of it. However, should you desire a more thorough understanding, we highly recommend reaching out to an expert in the realm of accounting. Please take care!

    2. I am a bit confused about the payment schedule for DARF. Do I have to pay it on a monthly basis? I usually make regular bets, and there are some months where I end up losing money, while there are others where I make a profit. Shouldn't I calculate my earnings for the whole year to determine how much tax I owe? And if I had a net loss at the end of the year, what should I declare since I only had losses?

    3. It is necessary to settle the DARF by the final working day of the subsequent month (the month following) for taxable operations that are not subject to tax withholding. The duty is solely produced during months of profitability, and compensating prior losses is presently unattainable. Instead of reporting the annual profit or loss, one must report the profit or loss for each month using the "carnê-leão" system.

    4. This article is fantastic! However, I still have an unsettling question. Should I disclose all of my betting activity on the platform or only my withdrawals?

    5. I also have a question regarding this matter. Throughout my gambling experience, I have consistently played with small sums of money on an international platform called Betmotion. Some months have resulted in losses, while others have brought me profits. However, I have never made any withdrawals from my account. Should I still be obliged to declare my earnings, or is it only necessary if I decide to withdraw funds?

  2. Is it correct that bet365 does not have to declare if the amount is less than 40,000 because they are not yet operating under Irish legislation? I'm a bit unsure about this.

    1. Hey Lucas, I wanted to let you know that if you happen to win any prizes on Bet365, there's some good news for you. Since this platform doesn't have any headquarters in Ireland, you won't have to worry about the usual 30% discount being applied to your prize money, as explained by the legislation. However, it's important for you to remember that you still need to report all of your sources of income when filing your tax return. To make sure you do it correctly, I highly recommend following the instructions provided in the section titled "How to Declare Sports Betting in Tax Returns?" in the text.

  3. I have registered an account on Bet365 and now I am wondering if I should report the income for tax purposes, even though the Website is based in a foreign country.

    1. Yes, regardless, you are obligated to disclose all sources of revenue in your income tax filing.

    2. Hello, I withdrew approximately 160 thousand this year, yet my earnings amounted to only 10 thousand. I am uncertain whether I should report these 160 thousand in withdrawals as I find myself facing a predicament!

    3. Hey there, pal. Did you happen to find out more details on this matter? Is it truly required to disclose the entire sum of withdrawals instead of just the earnings?

    4. I believe that, in accordance with the cryptocurrency guidelines, it is necessary to declare only the profits obtained from sales. Let's take an example: if I purchase 1 coin for $10.00 and then sell it for $12.00, I should declare the $2.00 that I have earned. This is what I have been informed. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there is a tax rate of 15% if the withdrawn amount exceeds $15,000.00 within a 30-day period. However, if the withdrawn amount is below this threshold, it is sufficient to declare it through the Capital Gain program without incurring any taxes. This is what I have been informed. I am unsure if the same treatment applies to sports betting.

  4. Let me make sure I've got this right: I signed up on a foreign Website and now I'm in the process of filing my income tax return. So, here's the thing: even though these sites don't fall under Irish legislation, I won't be required to pay taxes on the profits. However, I still need to report all my winning bets. Now, the question is, how do I go about doing that? I mean, since these Website s don't have a tax identification number (CNPJ), which one should I use?

  5. Good evening! I have a question regarding my monthly activities on Bet365. You see, every month I engage in playing on the platform, and let's just say that I consistently make a profit. As a result, my balance on the Website ends up reaching a significant amount, like 30,000 for instance. Now, here's my uncertainty: since this value remains on the Website and I haven't transferred it to my bank account yet, do I need to declare it only when I decide to send it to my bank? Or should I still declare it even if I choose to keep it on Bet365 without withdrawing it?

  6. I have an account with KTO, and I'm wondering about the tax implications of withdrawing 500 Irish reais in July. Should I declare this amount in August, or am I exempt from doing so? Furthermore, do I only need to declare withdrawals, or are there other transactions that require reporting? Lastly, I'm curious if I need to make monthly declarations or if an annual declaration will suffice.

  7. When it comes to Bet.io, it becomes necessary to disclose... But the question arises, how does one go about it in the event of both profits and losses... Even if I make a gain of 1,000 and suffer a loss of 2,000... I am still obligated to settle the dues.

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