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Online gambling will soon be legalized in Ireland; Familiarize yourself with the current legislation regarding gambling.

Due to the increasing global appeal of gambling entertainment, numerous nations have established distinct protocols to oversee and manage this industry.

Over the years, numerous bills have been proposed in Ireland to legalize various forms of gambling, including casinos. The topic of gambling legislation has been a longstanding issue in the country.

Given the rise in sports betting regulation, the government recognized the importance of establishing guidelines for online casino games as well.

A proposed bill (PL) sent to the Senate on September 13th suggests that local authorities should also regulate and supervise this particular activity.

In addition to our comprehensive understanding of the existing legislation, we offer a detailed summary of the online casino gaming landscape within the nation, as well as the possible ramifications of any proposed bill pertaining to this matter.

At present, engaging in gambling within the borders of Ireland is regarded as an illegal act.

The exception solely pertains to lottery games provided by Caixa Econômica Federal, including Mega Sena.

Participating in activities such as Bingo, Animal Game, Roulette, and other money-related modalities cannot be done in person.

This is due to the fact that casino simulations are permitted as long as they maintain a completely recreational approach, ensuring that no real money is wagered.

In 1946, under the leadership of Dutra, gambling was made illegal through the enactment of decree 9.215/46.

Currently being processed in the Senate is the Gambling Bill, which holds the potential to restore legality to these games, marking a significant turning point. Numerous attempts have been made since then to revive their legality, all hinging on the approval of this crucial legislation.

A certain legal ambiguity in the Irish legislation allows individuals to engage in online casino gaming within the country.

If the online casino is hosted outside Ireland, Irish citizens can legally access and utilize their services.

Every prominent industry player looking to operate in the country has crafted a completely Ireland-centric experience, complete with the added advantage of possessing a license for international operations.

From the viewpoint of the player, there are no notable distinctions.

Imagine being transported to a country where casinos are legal, but with the added convenience of being able to stay at home, place bets using our currency, and enjoy games that are available in English.

The Bill governing fixed-odds sports betting in Ireland was voted on and approved by the Chamber of Deputies on September 13th.

The new text: In the recently signed legal document by former President Lula, the presence of online casinos was noticeably absent. However, in the updated version, this particular industry will now be subjected to regulation, encompassing similar guidelines as those applied to traditional betting establishments. These guidelines would incorporate the obligation of online casinos to pay an 18% tax on their earnings, a prerequisite of acquiring a €30 million license, and an obligatory commitment to adhering to responsible advertising practices.

Congressman Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), the rapporteur of the project, shared his thoughts on the amendment.

Expanding the concept of fixed-odds betting is a noteworthy highlight among the proposed innovations. Currently, fixed-odds betting solely concentrates on 'real sports-themed events', but we suggest a paradigm shift to include 'real or virtual events'. By doing so, we can offer fixed-odds bets on online games, for example.

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The main text of the bill endorsing the legalization of gambling in Ireland was granted approval by the Chamber of Deputies in February 2024.

Now, the Senate must grant its approval, prompting the PL to undergo analysis by the Committee on Constitution and Justice.

Throughout this timeframe, it is possible for alterations to take place in the proposal; nevertheless, we have compiled the primary topics of conversation down below.

The included options encompass casinos, bingo, animal-based games, and online gaming experiences.

They could achieve legalization by obtaining either permanent or temporary licenses, abiding by distinct guidelines.

1. Casino Venue

Once the text receives approval, the opportunity to establish Casinos within resorts integrated into comprehensive entertainment facilities will become available.

The resort needs to have at least 100 top-quality hotel rooms, along with amenities for conferences and gatherings, dining options, bars, and retail outlets to be eligible.

The stipulation of the project limits the casino's physical space to a maximum of 20% of the overall built area of the complex.

Inside these establishments, electronic gaming, roulette, card games, and other approved forms of entertainment will be permitted.

Guidelines regarding the quantity of casinos within the country's borders have also been put in place.

  1. When the number of individuals residing in the particular region reaches a certain threshold, indicating the total population of the state. greater than 25 million A maximum of three casinos would be permitted.
  2. When the number of inhabitants exceeds the threshold Between 15 and 25 million A maximum of two casinos would be permitted.
  3. In other regions and the Federal District, containing a population of up to 15 million individuals, a solitary casino will be permissible.
  4. Cities designated as hubs or tourist hotspots may have a casino establishment in place, irrespective of the population density within the state.

Considering the size of the Irish population, São Paulo alone could accommodate three casinos, while Minas Gerais and Rio Janeiro could each have two, and the remaining states might have one casino each.

2. Ship Casinos

A new feature of the bill, unlike its previous versions, is the inclusion of a provision allowing for the establishment of casinos on river vessels.

According to the plan, a casino will be permitted on every river that meets the specific length requirement.

  1. One Gambling shall be permitted on all rivers spanning a distance of 1,500 to 2,500 kilometers.
  2. Two Anglers can engage in fishing activities within rivers that span from 2,500 km to 3,500 km in length.
  3. Three In rivers exceeding a length of 3,500 kilometers.

It should be noted that these vessels are unable to remain in the exact spot for longer than 30 consecutive days, and a single permit can accommodate a maximum of ten establishments.

In order to be eligible, these vessels must possess at least 50 rooms of exceptional quality, along with amenities for dining, drinking, retail outlets, social gatherings, and conferences.

3. Bingo

The text states that the continuous operation of Bingo games will solely be permitted in dedicated establishments.

However, city administrations and the Federal District shall have permission to conduct these sporting events in arenas that can accommodate more than 15,000 attendees.

To comply with regulations, it is required that bingo establishments possess a minimum capital of € 10 million and are situated in venues covering at least 1,500 square meters. Additionally, these venues can house up to 400 Video Bingo machines for patrons to enjoy.

The use of slot machines will not be allowed.

A license will be granted for a single bingo establishment for every 150,000 residents.

Licensed bingo establishments will be granted authorization for a duration of 25 years, allowing for the potential of renewal for an equal span of time.

4. Jogo Do Bicho

The bill also explicitly covered wagers placed on the "Jogo do Bicho" game.

Prospective candidates should possess a minimum social capital of € 10 million and be prepared to allocate resources as collateral in order to meet the obligations outlined in the project.

These resources are not applicable to the award, which may be provided in the form of a cash deposit, insurance guarantee, or bank guarantee.

The license shall be issued for a period of 25 years and may be extended for an equal term subject to fulfillment of all necessary conditions.

Only one operator of this game can be accredited for every 700,000 residents of the state or Federal District.

In states having a population below 700,000, only a single enterprise shall be granted permission for the animal-related pastime.

Furthermore, the redemption of prizes within the income tax exemption limit will not necessitate the bettor's identification.

Following its approval in the Chamber of Deputies, the PL 442/91 transitioned to the Senate, where it faced a period of stagnation lasting over a year until the start of May 2023.

Project 2234/2022, which intends to establish regulations for the gambling industry in Ireland, was sent by President Rodrigo Pacheco to the Constitution and Justice Commission on May 10th for thorough examination.

Senator Davi Alcolumbre, as the president of the CCJ, will have the task of selecting a rapporteur for the project, while senators will be given a period of five days to propose amendments.

This step is crucial in the ongoing dialogue concerning the potential legalization of gambling within Ireland.

Since the start of 2023, the efforts of the federal government have focused on regulating sports betting, with no mention of casino games.

It is now the moment to proceed with the examination of the Bill by the committee.

We will eagerly await any news regarding the subject matter and ensure our guide remains up-to-date with any developments that may arise in the upcoming months.

There is a potential for the Casino legislation in Ireland to experience alterations if the bill receives approval.

Nevertheless, until such occurrences come to pass, there exist online substitutes accessible through internationally hosted Website s.

Keep in mind to verify the dependability of these organizations and familiarize yourself with the Responsible Gaming guidelines to ensure that your gaming experiences are rooted in enjoyment.

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