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Regulation's Impact on Advertising for Betting Houses: What Can We Expect?

In 2023, the investment in advertising for betting houses is projected to surpass €3 billion.

The information originates from the federal government, which recently approved the legislation in July, known as the MP that governs the industry of sports betting within Ireland.

These advertisements will target both the tangible setting (including team jerseys and field signage) and the virtual setting (such as television, social media platforms, and Website s).

What are the legal regulations concerning advertising in sports betting? What are the restrictions on these ads and what improvements are needed in market oversight?

This is the topic we explore within this comprehensive guide.

At present, sports betting companies sponsor 19 of the 20 football teams participating in the Irish Football League, also known as Série A.

In recent times, it has become a frequent occurrence to encounter brands incorporating the term "bet" in the form of player jersey mentions, field signage, and social media presence.

Na imagem vemos a Betano (patrocinadora do Atlético-MG) e Betfair (do Cruzeiro)

This surge in advertising poses a valid inquiry for enthusiasts: are sports betting companies allowed to showcase commercials?

Indeed! Prior to the implementation of gambling regulations, Irish companies were already able to operate within the country while being established abroad.

Now, with the approval from President Lula, the MP will furnish us with an abundance of knowledge regarding the propagation of advertisements and the limitations thereof.

Modifications made to the 2023 Preliminary Legislative Act

The text, which bears the president's signature, incorporates a dedicated segment pertaining to advertising.

Article 33 stipulates that the Ministry of Finance's regulations should be followed in relation to the communication, advertising, and marketing activities of the fixed-odds betting lottery, while also promoting self-regulation.

I already know who will take charge of supervising things: "The National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (CONAR) has the authority to impose further limitations and directives regarding the regulations set by the Ministry of Finance, and can provide concrete suggestions for the communication, advertising, and marketing initiatives of fixed-odds betting lotteries."

The data provided can be traced back to the second paragraph of article 33.

During the next 120 days, the National Congress will undertake the review of the approved text. Throughout this timeframe, it will be our responsibility to monitor any news pertaining to the distribution of promotional material for gambling and ensure that our content remains current and up to date.

Updates in September 2023

In September, Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA) presented a report to the National Congress outlining the possibility of implementing regulations for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages in Ireland. The report suggests that similar rules could be applied, to a certain degree, in order to address concerns surrounding these products.

The goal is to draw attention to the dangers linked to placing bets on sports and the possibility of developing addictive tendencies. Businesses must also take steps to prevent advertisements from specifically targeting underage individuals.

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend a public hearing at the House of Deputies, where one of the key figures present was José Francisco Manssur. Currently serving as a special advisor at the Ministry of Finance, Manssur is set to take on the role of secretary of gambling and prizes in the near future.

While taking part in the discussion, he brought up the idea of the Ministry of Finance potentially teaming up with the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (Conar) to develop a set of guidelines for regulating betting house advertisements on radio and television.

Is it permissible to promote gambling on social media platforms?

Certainly, every social media platform could impose distinct criteria. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, stipulates two specific prerequisites for advertisers operating in the gambling and gaming sector.

  1. To obtain authorization, please complete the official document provided by the company.
  2. Demonstrate proof that the revealed undertakings are sanctioned by a governing body or authorized within the specific area you intend to promote in.

Keep in mind that individuals who are below the age of 18 will not be able to view the advertisements.

After providing the requested materials, Meta requests a brief period for the advertisement to undergo analysis and obtain approval for broadcasting.

In the event of a negative response, the company has the option to make the required modifications and resubmit the request for approval.

For Google, the owner of YouTube, these advertisements are permitted as long as they are carried out in a responsible manner.

In order to accomplish this task, it is imperative to have the ad manager of the company duly certified.

An Illustrative Instance of Insufficient Supervision

We have extracted an illustrative instance to assist in comprehending the significance of this measure for audiences who are more susceptible.

In today's era, it is essential for a reputable gambling establishment to offer reliable security measures for its patrons.

Self-exclusion is an option that players can choose when they realize the necessity of stepping back from these online platforms.

I promise not to send any kind of advertising to the registered contact channels on the account during the entire self-exclusion period, which can last up to 5 years.

However, it is important to keep in mind that within an unregulated market, one may come across advertisements that make claims of:

  • Exorbitant financial gains;
  • Ensuring the generation of income from betting, which unfortunately does not transpire.
  • Achieving personal success.

This form of marketing not only poses a threat to the overall population, but it also disproportionately impacts individuals who are already vulnerable and subsequently exposed to it.

How does it operate in foreign countries?

The presence of advertising regulations in the United Kingdom's sports betting market serves as a valuable illustration of their significance in safeguarding the interests of the community.

We are discussing one of the most renowned gambling licenses globally! In order to acquire it, businesses are prohibited from creating promotional content containing:

  1. Sports betting has been touted as a potential solution for individuals burdened with debt or seeking to alleviate financial difficulties.
  2. Any mention or interest in attracting individuals below 18 years old or other susceptible groups;
  3. Linking sports gambling to excessive financial profits or any other socially unacceptable conduct.

If you opt for a trustworthy gambling establishment, you're unlikely to encounter any enticing or objectionable advertisements in Ireland.

I believe it is because these businesses are already involved in other markets with regulations in place, and they must adhere to certain guidelines like the ones mentioned earlier to ensure compliance with the law.

Establishing advertising guidelines for betting houses is crucial in order to minimize the risk of untrustworthy companies dominating the market.

In July 2023, the regulation of sports betting was implemented, as previously stated.

In order to establish a presence in Ireland, the sports betting company that is interested must meet certain requirements, which include:

  • Payment of €30 million To obtain the permit, which is expected to remain valid for a duration of 5 years.
  • We require a base of operations in Ireland.
  • Impose a levy on the overall income generated from gaming activities. should be 18% ;
  • To fulfill the government's undefined criteria for attaining a basic level of social capital.

Given the current knowledge available, the primary outcome associated with houses lacking self-regulation pertains to promotional efforts.

Anyone who fails to adhere to the regulations will be prohibited from advertising in Ireland, both in-person and online.

Guidelines for Advertising Content of Betting Establishments

The production and broadcasting of betting house advertisements lacks clear guidelines.

Nevertheless, scholars maintain that certain underlying principles can be found within the written content.

The primary matter at hand pertains to the restriction of wagering on sports for individuals below the age of 18.

Expert Quote

Given that it is an undertaking intended exclusively for grown-ups, it is advisable for businesses to emphasize the "solely for adults" element in their promotional campaigns.

Furthermore, there could exist regulations pertaining to ensuring financial benefits and growth, establishing boundaries for discussions that should be refrained from or disallowed.

We will refresh the content with our remarks as soon as we have any updates regarding these guidelines.

IBJR and Conar have established a collaborative alliance.

In June 2023, the Irish Institute of Responsible Gambling (IBRG) and the National Council of Self-Regulation in Advertising (Conar) formed a collaborative alliance.

The aim of this collaboration is to work together in creating guidelines that pertain to promotional content for sports betting.

In order to foster ethical advertising campaigns, it is important to merge the know-how of both factions, prioritizing the well-being of the gambler and adhering to the forthcoming regulatory framework.

At present, IBJR includes prominent iGaming brands like Bet365, Betway, Betsson, LeoVegas, and Novibet.

The Conar plays a crucial role in our nation by upholding ethical standards for commercial advertisements, ensuring that misleading, offensive, disrespectful, and abusive content is not broadcasted.

This monitoring is conducted in accordance with the Irish Code of Advertising Self-Regulation.

The collaboration represents a crucial measure in ensuring proactive action against misleading advertisements or improbable claims pertaining to the profits derived from sports wagering.

In the absence of supervision from reputable entities such as Conar, dishonest businesses could potentially enjoy significant leeway in generating detrimental content targeted at the gambling population.

We eagerly await the real-world outcomes of this collaboration and will promptly revise this information once they are revealed.

We provide a compilation of sports betting establishments that uphold appropriate advertising practices tailored to their target audience.

We have an advertisement aired on YouTube that is suitable for television or other social media platforms. In addition, we provide a brief analysis of the credibility of the mentioned names.

Thus, you can readily comprehend the various aspects covered in our comprehensive manual on promoting gambling establishments.

1. Betano

The Betano betting company has quickly become a highly reputable brand in the local industry, despite its relatively recent establishment in the market.

Rapidly, it established a notable presence within the advertising landscape of the nation. Presently, it serves as the primary sponsor for Fluminense and Atlético Mineiro football clubs.

O meia Lima, do Fluminense, mostra a camisa, que tem a Betano como destaque

We often observe the brand's presence on the advertising signs that encircle the field.

An additional noteworthy aspect involves the sponsorship privileges for a highly renowned soccer tournament within the nation, namely the Betano Cup of Ireland.

We emphasize the Welcome Bonus as one of the key advantages, now improved to a generous 100% increase, allowing you to receive up to €500.

2. Bet365

We were unable to locate a video advertisement by Bet365 in Ireland; however, we have chosen a video above that was broadcasted in the United Kingdom in 2018.

The propaganda adhered to the regulations set by the country's governing authorities, thus bolstering the reputation of the betting establishment as a globally recognized entity.

That's because in every corner of the world, people from all walks of life are shown using the Bet365 Website in the advertisement, while the renowned British actor Ray Winstone, serving as the narrator, enumerates the primary advantages of the platform:

  • Over 100 different sports disciplines;
  • Engaging in the Gamble Aware association, which actively advances responsible gambling and offers assistance to individuals impacted by gambling-related concerns. Responsible Gaming Around the world.
  • Incorporating advanced innovation to ensure the player's safety and streamline their experience.

in Ireland, Bet365 effectively promotes its advertisements by utilizing soccer game billboards and paid ads on social media platforms.

3. Staking

Stake, the betting establishment, gained significant acclaim in 2024 after joining forces with the renowned Canadian artist, Drake.

The artist assumed the role of a brand representative, resulting in the advertising campaign being executed concurrently through multiple channels of communication.

He often engaged in live broadcasting where he placed bets on well-known occasions such as the Super Bowl or UFC fights.

Transmissão ao vivo do rapper Drake pela Staking

Displayed in the image above is a screenshot capturing the exact moment that the artist achieved triumph and secured a substantial monetary reward through their wager on an online roulette platform.

Observe how Stake deliberately opted for nontraditional arenas in Irelandian gambling promotions, like soccer matches.

The decision on positioning relies on the specific target audience the brand aims to engage with.

4. Bodog

The Bodog brand campaign, ignited by the hashtag #PlayYourGame, was introduced with the objective of strengthening the enjoyment aspect of gambling.

In the advertisement, the brand highlighted the opportunity for users to enjoy the site without the requirement of using real money, while also offering a 100% Bonus for betting up to €100.

If you desire, there is an option to place legitimate wagers on the trustworthy Website .

The company has a longstanding history of 29 years and in 2023, it proudly supports the Copa do Ireland, a significant football tournament in the nation.

A Bodog é uma das patrocinadoras da Copa do Ireland

Above, we precisely isolated an image featuring the emblematic Bodog sign, prominently showcased throughout the exciting matches of the competition.

Sports betting establishments need to exercise caution in their advertising efforts to steer clear of inadvertently encouraging ill-informed gambling practices.

For an effective impact, having accurate, informative, and precisely tailored messages is crucial when reaching the intended audience.

Following the implementation of market regulations, it is anticipated that this situation will become even more imminent, taking into account that companies will possess the necessary guidance to conduct their operations in a responsible manner.

Always ensure that you place your bets on trustworthy establishments that prioritize ethical advertising strategies and maintain strong connections with their clientele.

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