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Is EstrelaBet a trustworthy platform? | In-depth review of the betting house and an exclusive €200 bonus.

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Customer support
Minimum Deposit €1
Payment methods
Minimum Withdrawal €10

I have been asked whether EstrelaBet is a reliable platform. Well, let me tell you, it is one of the most trustworthy sites in our country. You see, EstrelaBet has been operating here in Ireland since 2012, which is quite impressive. Not only that, but they also offer an attractive bonus to their users, which shows that they value their customers. And here's something interesting, EstrelaBet has been gaining attention by sponsoring football competitions, which further adds to their credibility. So, if you're looking for a reliable online platform, EstrelaBet is definitely worth considering.

However, having this knowledge alone is insufficient to ascertain if placing a wager on the residence is a worthwhile choice.

That's the reason we've conducted an in-depth review of EstrelaBet, covering topics like payment options, player safety, and the competitiveness of their odds and betting options.

Upon completion of the reading, you will possess the necessary knowledge to discern whether or not the Website in question is deserving of a place amongst your esteemed selection of premier betting platforms.

Why should you place your bets on EstrelaBet?

Founded in 2012 by a Irish, EstrelaBet has been thoroughly evaluated by our team. For those seeking enticing bonuses and a wide range of betting options, we consider this platform to be a valuable choice. Registering on the Website can be justified by three compelling reasons.

  1. Low Minimum Deposit: individuals can place bets with as little as €1, making this betting platform highly convenient and easily accessible.

  2. Cash Out and Live Streaming: EstrelaBet provides two essential features for bettors seeking to enhance their gaming experience.

  3. Agile Deposit: although lacking in a diverse selection of payment options, deposits are swiftly processed.

Register at EstrelaBet!

Welcome Bonus

+30 Modalities

Accept PIX

Efficient Support

Accessible Minimum Deposit Amount

High-quality Live Streaming


20x Rollover

Few Payment Methods

  • Welcome Bonus

  • Seasonal Promotions

  • High Rollover

It is undeniable that Irish bettors highly favor betting platforms offering Registration Bonuses!

This is an excellent approach to encouraging fresh participants to test out the platform prior to committing for the long haul.

EstrelaBet has a notable advantage: aside from their initial bonus, they also prioritize other promotions. These promotions are not limited to a single type but vary throughout the year, such as the Carnival Bonus.

Welcome Bonus

New customers have the potential to accumulate as much as the entire wagered sum, reaching a maximum of €200!

To accomplish this, just adhere to the detailed guidance we have meticulously assembled:

  • Visit the EstrelaBet online platform.
  • Log in using your email address (or username) and password.
  • Open the menu. Deposit ;
  • Enter the value you wish to input.
  • Select the option 100%In the domain of Deposit .

I have carefully reviewed the provided information and have created a new passage that meets all the given requirements. Please find the revised version below: Attention should be paid to the Terms and Conditions, as they encompass various aspects, including the minimum and maximum values required to qualify for the Bonus. The eligibility threshold for the Bonus starts at €20 and can go up to €200.

  • It is advantageous to place bets on sports.
  • For single wagers, the odds must be 2.00 or higher.
  • For multiple bets to be valid, the odds of at least one game must be 2.0 or higher, while all other games should have odds of 1.70 or more.
  • The lowest offer using the Bonus funds is €5.

The frequency at which the bettor needs to transfer the account before attaining the Bonus is one area that lacks satisfaction.

The wagering requirement at EstrelaBet is 20 times, which is considered relatively high. This implies that if you deposited €10, you would need to place bets totaling €200 to be eligible for a €10 bonus.

Take note of the fact that other gambling establishments possess lesser worth.

Betting House Rollover
BC.Game No Rollover
Betano 5x
Betway 6x
Bodog 7x
Betsson 8x
Bet365 8x

Seasonal Promotions

EstrelaBet crafts enticing bonuses and promotions to maintain bettors' engagement post their initial deposit.

Frequently, these circumstances are interconnected with festivities.

During our analysis of EstrelaBet, we encountered an interesting event organized by the betting house. They held a Pre-Carnival promotion that spanned from January 22nd to the 26th of the same month.

Bonuses at EstrelaBet

The residence provides special perks all year round!

Throughout the final week of January, participants had the opportunity to vie for a range of enticing rewards, including the chance to receive €20 to wager on Live Casino. The only requirement was to make a minimum bet of €2!

As someone who enjoys playing at EstrelaBet, I highly recommend keeping a close watch on their Promotions page throughout the year, regardless of whether you're new to the platform or a seasoned player.

EstrelaBet Coupon

EstrelaBet does not provide a cumulative bonus discount coupon that can be combined with any other promotion.

The Welcome Bonus is actually linked to the €200 worth of bets that numerous individuals often share on social media.

Utilizing the discount does not enhance the worth!

  • Sponsor of Irish Contests

  • Responsible Gaming Tools

When investigating the legitimacy of EstrelaBet's license, it is crucial to consider their registration in Curaçao as a significant factor in assessing their reliability as a betting platform.

For over a decade, EstrelaBet has been diligently serving customers, with the exceptional leadership of their Irish CEO, João André Gerçossimo. The unwavering commitment to excellence and the establishment of a solid reputation illustrate the long-standing tradition and undeniable trustworthiness that EstrelaBet embodies within the domestic market.

Furthermore, we emphasize our support for two football tournaments in Ireland.

The most recent declaration involved the support of the Campeonato Mineiro and the Copa Itatiaia EstrelaBet, which are highly regarded events in the realm of amateur football in Belo Horizonte and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Another aspect that should be noted is the Website 's characteristics, including the ability to set limits for betting.

It is feasible to establish this limit to encourage a more balanced gaming schedule, decreasing the likelihood of excessive deposits by the player.

Menu Limites deposit da EstrelaBet

EstrelaBet also dedicates resources to proactively combatting criminal activities, such as thwarting data theft or preventing money laundering attempts by individuals with malicious intent.

These security measures encompass technological encryption methods that safeguard the bettor's data, effectively thwarting card cloning and the illicit exploitation of CPF/Personal information.

EstrelaBet's reputation on Reclame Aqui.

The aforementioned factors further strengthen our stance that EstrelaBet can be trusted and is dedicated to guaranteeing the security of individuals placing bets.

When assessing the online reputation of EstrelaBet, it is prudent to conduct a search on Reclame Aqui. By doing so, one can gauge the company's standing. However, it is important to note that this is merely one aspect to consider, and a comprehensive evaluation should take into account other factors as well.

The rating of EstrelaBet on Reclame Aqui is regarded as satisfactory!

At the moment of conducting this analysis, the company held a rating of 7.2 out of 10, which was deemed favorable according to the evaluation platform.

All customer grievances were addressed with response and the proportion of issues resolved reached 71.1%.

Gaining access to EstrelaBet can be easily accomplished through two different methods.

  1. Enter your credentials (for existing users);
  2. Sign up on EstrelaBet (for new users).

To begin, visit the betting house's homepage and find the prominent menu. Then, proceed to enter your username and password. It's as easy as that!

Botão Record da EstrelaBet

For newcomers, the process might seem a tad more extensive, yet it remains seamless. Our expert team has put together a comprehensive guide to assist you.

Beside the user and password section depicted in the previous image, select the Register button. A new image will be displayed.

Formulário cadastro

During Step 1, we will collect the necessary registration details, including your CPF (tax identification number), date of birth, and full name. Moving on to Step 2, we will require your contact information, along with the creation of a unique login and password.

As soon as we completed the CPF form, the system promptly identified the team member's date of birth, first name, and last name, who was imitating the registration process.

It is not feasible to alter this personal information with the provided number. This measure aims to deter any fraudulent registrations.

Once you have completed the entire registration process, a confirmation code will be dispatched to the SMS associated with the registered phone number.

Swiftly, the account was effectively established! Drawing from our expertise, the entire procedure consumed approximately 5 minutes.

  • Main Sports Championships

  • +30 Modalities

During our analysis, we identified a total of 30 sports disciplines that had active markets available.

The number of available sports modalities is worth noting - for instance, Betano offered 34 while Bet365 had 31.

That is precisely why we hold the conviction that diversity brings forth favorable outcomes!

I can cater to the interests of both avid fans of mainstream sports like football and basketball, as well as those who have a penchant for niche disciplines like baseball or cricket.

Main Competitions

EstrelaBet's diverse selection of sports caters to a wide range of interests, highlighting their commitment to providing an extensive range of market options for both domestic and international competitions.

Several instances in the realm of football are:

  • world Cup
  • Champions League
  • Irelandeirão
  • Premier League
  • Libertadores

Of course, it's essential to have a wide range of betting options when it comes to sports like Tennis and Basketball. That's why we offer an extensive selection of ATPs and Challenges for Tennis enthusiasts to wager on. And for Basketball fans, we've got you covered with exciting betting opportunities on the NBA as well as popular Irish leagues like NBB and Copa Super 8. We understand the importance of diversity and ensuring that our customers have access to the most thrilling betting experiences across different sports. So whether you're a Tennis aficionado or a Basketball enthusiast, you'll find plenty of exciting options to bet on with us.


I found that EstrelaBet's market offerings align with those typically found in other bookmakers. To illustrate this, I came across a fascinating example: a recent King's Cup match between Sevilla and Osasuna from Spain, which boasted an impressive selection of over 700 available markets.

To provide you with a better understanding, we conducted an analysis of various market segments.

Betting House Available Markets
Bodog 98
PixBet 748
Betano 399

Among the extensive selection of over 700 markets, rest assured that you will come across widely recognized favorites among the Irish community, including:

  • Handicap
  • 1×2
  • Cards
  • Corners
  • Over/Under of Goals
  • Double Chance

In regard to different sports, anticipate a comparable standard, keeping in mind that the availability of betting markets for less mainstream sports in Ireland might be somewhat restricted.

EstrelaBet Odds

The most effective method to assess the probabilities of a gambling establishment is by contrasting them with other contenders.

During my analysis, I have observed that the odds offered at EstrelaBet are generally consistent with those found on other Website s. Nevertheless, it has come to my attention that in certain instances, the platform has provided slightly reduced odds.

Odds in Irelandian Soccer.

We conducted our initial analysis comparing EstrelaBet and Betano for the matches scheduled on 28/01 in the Paulista Championship.

Odds da EstrelaBet no Campeonato Paulista
Betano odds no Campeonato Paulista

In the 1x2 market, Betano presents more lucrative opportunities for those betting on the triumph of Santos and Botafogo SP, while EstrelaBet offers slightly higher payouts for those wagering on Bragantino.

In all the matches, EstrelaBet had a disappointing performance in terms of Tie results. This was also the case for Ferroviária, Santo André, and Guarani, who are the least favored to succeed.

EstrelaBet had the upper hand in the various opportunities within the Both Teams to Score market.

  • Indeed, both Botafogo SP and Guarani have their significance and importance.
  • Not for Santos and Ferroviária;
  • Not for the teams of Bragantino and Santo André.

Upon examining the probabilities of the aforementioned market, it came to our attention that EstrelaBet demonstrated a slightly superior performance in relation to underdogs' odds (referring to teams with a lower likelihood of winning the match).

Basketball Odds

The NBA season of 2022/2023 is in full swing, prompting us to compare the probabilities of the renowned basketball tournament.

We have chosen Bet365 to compare with EstrelaBet. The games scheduled for 27/01, which include the Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Orlando Magic, are listed.

Odds da EstrelaBet na NBA
Odds da Bet365 na NBA

EstrelaBet stands out for its superior odds in the Total market.

From my observation, I have noticed that, overall, there were only slight variations in the performance levels of the teams, except for the instances where the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers emerged victorious. Interestingly, those who placed their bets on EstrelaBet experienced significantly lower chances of winning in these specific cases.

Odds for a game of ice hockey.

Despite not being widely popular in Ireland, Ice Hockey holds the third highest representation on EstrelaBet, boasting a diverse range of events. Its prominence is only surpassed by Football and Basketball.

We conducted a comparison of NHL games on EstrelaBet and Betway.

Odds da NHL na EstrelaBet
Odds da NHL na Betway

Overall, I must say that EstrelaBet didn't fare well when it came to making accurate winner predictions in this particular modality. Taking into account the NHL, I have to admit that the quality of the odds provided by them can only be considered average at best.

  • Cash Out

  • Live Streaming

The tools available on a Website can be used as a measure of a betting house's quality.

We view Cash Out and Live Streaming as the key elements for enhancing the bettor's gaming experience.

Estrela Bet offers the advantage of having both options readily accessible. Now, let's delve into the details of each option.

Cash Out

To initiate a Cash Out request on Estrela Bet, you need to:

  • Access your account by logging in.
  • Locate the bet that is currently active and select it for closure.
  • Press the Cash Out option.

I understand that being able to close a bet before the end of an event can be incredibly important, especially if you come to the realization that you didn't make the best choice and want to minimize your losses.

It serves as a frequently utilized instrument in the realm of in-play wagering.

The reason for minimizing losses lies in the fact that the calculation of the bet's value is based on the odds that were in effect at the time the Cash Out request was made.

The value earned may exceed or fall short of the initial bet value.

Keep in mind that Cash Out may not be offered for every event. The availability of this option will only be revealed after you have placed your bet.

Not all gambling establishments function in this manner. Certain ones, such as Betano, provide information about the Cash Out feature prior to the bettor making their selection for the desired event.

Live Streaming

Utilize EstrelaBet's Live Streaming feature to maintain focus on placing lucrative live bets while keeping your gaze fixed on the screen.

It's always a good idea to verify resource availability when choosing an event. Identifying its availability is a simple task that can be done effortlessly.

This icon serves as the distinguishable marker for Live Streaming.

In order to access the live broadcast, it is necessary to either make a wager on the happening or ensure that funds are available in your account.

Please note that Live Streaming is typically accessible for smaller-scale events.

The chosen instance came from the clash between Felix Gill and Sebastian Fanselow in the ITF Men's Tennis.

  • +1,000 Games

  • Renowned Providers

  • Live Casino

  • No Casino Bonus

  • No Trial Version

EstrelaBet Casino provides a diverse range of gaming choices, including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and a selection of Slot Machines.

The Live Casino is definitely one of the perks - during our review, we found an impressive selection of around 1,000 games in this section.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the absence of a trial edition for the games.

Casinos such as Betano, PixBet, and 22bet provide users with the opportunity to explore their desires without requiring any genuine money deposits.

This is a method to capture the malevolence of Casino games without jeopardizing one's finances.

The Casino's Welcome Bonus is currently not active, potentially disappointing players seeking favorable terms available at platforms such as Betano and Bet365.

Game Types

EstrelaBet presents a diverse range of games catering to enthusiasts of online casinos. Check out our top picks listed below!


The popularity of wagering on Aviator has soared in Ireland, particularly in the past year.

This internet-based slot machine is a thrilling Crash game, featuring popular titles such as Blaze, JetX, and Zeppelin.

Playing the Aviator game on BetNacional is an effortless task, thanks to the user-friendly menu designed to ensure easy access. Simply click on the designated button and embark on your gaming journey!

Live Casino

In Live Casino, you can immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of Las Vegas without leaving the comforts of your own home!

Actual dealers reach out to players, offering a variety of games including Blackjack, Roulette, and Video Bingo.

In the photograph displayed above, we conducted a trial on the Dragon Tiger game.

Until we made a deposit, a red message remained on the screen because there was no balance in our account.

Upon analyzing the game, we proceeded despite any hindrances. Almost immediately after we had deposited the funds, it became apparent that the transmission quality was exceptional, and the game loaded swiftly without any freezing issues during our viewing.


Roulette is among the popular casino games that have captured the affection of Irish gamblers.

At EstrelaBet, you'll find an extensive selection of gaming options, with a whopping 53 live games and 32 in the classic mode.

A fascinating aspect is the presence of a Irish Roulette variant, featuring dealers who communicate in English, alongside American and European Roulette.

This is a helpful tool for individuals who wish to engage in real-time sports betting but may not be fluent in languages such as English or Spanish.

  • Has an app

  • Exclusively accessible on Android devices.

A reliable gambling application can offer great convenience to players who prioritize practicality.

When there is no app to download, it's best for the mobile version to be highly efficient.

I can confidently say that EstrelaBet fulfills both of these criteria. It provides a convenient Android application, as well as a well-designed mobile version suitable for iOS devices. Due to the restrictions on downloading betting applications on iPhones, EstrelaBet has ensured that their mobile version is optimized for seamless use on iOS devices.

Loading and Usability

Below are screenshots that showcase the usability test conducted on the EstrelaBet Website , using an iPhone device and the Safari browser.

The experiment was conducted on an Android device as well, and the findings are applicable to both platforms.

The data loaded rapidly, even without a Wi-Fi connection, and we effortlessly discovered all the accessible resources online.

The simplicity of the Website 's design does not pose a drawback, as it effectively utilizes the limited space on the mobile screen.

Hence, kindly take into account the fact that your interaction will primarily involve icons rather than textual content.

No need for concern - we swiftly committed the route to the primary pages and resources to memory.

Finally, we evaluate the mobile Live Casino games' overall quality.

Our encounters have consistently resulted in a positive outcome, with a 100% success rate, despite the potential for buffering due to the live nature of the transmissions.

How can I go about downloading the EstrelaBet application?

To acquire the EstrelaBet Android app, you must first obtain the APK of the respective betting platform.

Follow the detailed guidelines we have meticulously crafted:

  • Click on the left-hand side menu located on EstrelaBet's homepage.
  • Scroll down to the lowermost part of the display and select the button. Estrela Bet app ;
  • A fresh webpage will appear, proceed to select Download the Application ;
  • Initiate the download and patiently wait for its completion. Once done, proceed with the installation of the application by closely adhering to the step-by-step guidance on your mobile device.
  • Accept PIX

  • Low Minimum Deposit

  • There is solely a singular payment method available.

The gambling establishment provides the opportunity to utilize PIX for transactions, which is definitely a favorable aspect. This preferred payment solution among individuals from Ireland is both user-friendly and immediate.

However, EstrelaBet does not provide any alternative payment options.

This limitation may discourage gamblers who favor utilizing Credit Cards for placing bets, Digital Wallets, or even Cryptocurrencies.

What is the process for making a deposit at EstrelaBet?

Making a deposit on EstrelaBet is an effortless process.

In the top menu of the computer interface, you will easily locate a button labeled "Deposit Here". Simply give it a click and proceed to the deposits tab for further access.

In the upper right corner of your cellphone screen, simply tap on the profile icon to get started. Once there, you'll discover a wealth of general account details and, conveniently, a deposit button as well.

The minimum required amount for deposits at EstrelaBet differs depending on the chosen financial institution. For PIX via Paybrokers Deposit, the minimum deposit is €1, while for PIX using Pay2Free, the minimum deposit is €150. Apart from the minimum required amount, there are no other disparities between these two financial institutions as far as the player is concerned.

Betting on PIX at EstrelaBet provides instant results! Within a matter of seconds, your playable balance will be readily accessible.

What is the process for withdrawing funds from EstrelaBet?

To withdraw funds, follow the same path as for deposits but instead navigate to the Withdrawals page.

You may already be aware that the only way to withdraw funds is through PIX. The lowest transaction value allowed is €10, while the highest is €5,000.

Keep in mind that individual accounts are the only method for both making withdrawals and deposits.

If the transaction is conducted within a corporate account, the deposited sums shall be promptly reimbursed.

The time limits for withdrawals can range from 24 to 48 hours, allowing users to make a single withdrawal every 24 hours.

  • Email

  • Live Chat

  • Blog

  • Support Agility

  • Service in English

EstrelaBet has introduced two dedicated avenues for handling specific inquiries: a live chat feature and an email address ([email protected]).

Additionally, there is a page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that offers detailed information addressing common issues, which are expected to be of interest to numerous individuals.

Our team conducted an evaluation of the live chat feature and has identified several important points to consider.

The first aspect concerns the primary interaction, which involves direct engagement with a human support representative instead of automated systems.

In order to ensure account security, it is important to input the bettor's CPF number before submitting any inquiries.

Shortly thereafter, an individual will make contact to ascertain the nature of the inquiry. We conducted a simulation regarding Cash Out, and the response provided was indeed satisfactory.

The entire procedure, starting from registration and concluding with the resolution of the matter, took approximately 10 minutes.

The discussion was not as speedy as in previous residences we've assessed (at Betano, it typically required around 5 minutes).

However, we view this aspect positively, given that our chat experience was effective and left us feeling content.

EstrelaBet enhances the pleasure, convenience, and benefits of sports betting.

We are of the opinion that the Website provides effective assistance, a diverse range of markets, and favorable odds.

PIX bets have an instantaneous processing time with reasonably low minimum deposit requirements, despite having a single payment option available.

In the eyes of the Legal Bet Ireland team, EstrelaBet is a trustworthy platform that is definitely worth considering for bettors. While there is always room for improvement, this house is no exception. Rest assured, the team believes that EstrelaBet is reliable and deserving of your registration.

Frequently Asked Questions


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