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Is Betfair a trustworthy platform? | Get a €200 bonus | Discover the ins and outs!

Open Betfair Bet With
Open Betfair
Web site www.betfair.com
Signup Bonus €200

Spain, Malta, and the United Kingdom

Customer support
Minimum Deposit €15
Payment methods
Minimum Withdrawal €1

Betfair, the premier global sports betting exchange, is renowned for its unrivaled size and unwavering dependability. Distinguished as the provider of an unparalleled array of comprehensive and diverse services, it stands alone in its industry.

For those bettors aiming to dedicate themselves more seriously, or even at a professional level, she specializes in Sports Trading.

If that doesn't apply to you, it also operates as a conventional bet, specifically as a Sportsbook. In essence, it's suitable for bettors of all kinds!

In this evaluation, we shall elucidate:

  • What are the reasons to select Betfair Ireland?
  • Who would be an ideal candidate to place their bets on the popular betting platform known as Betfair?
  • What makes her reliable?
  • What is the process for accessing your Betfair account?
  • What is the process for placing bets on the Betfair platform?

Explore all the exceptional features offered on Betfair Ireland's Website , discover the wide range of tools at your disposal, and uncover the exciting bonuses that await you upon registration!


High Reputation

Best Betting Exchange

Low Commissions


Best Market Cashout

Accept PIX

Accept Bill

Quick Support

Trading App


Complex to Work

Minimum Payments

  • Welcome Bonus

  • Weekly Bonus

  • Get Your Bet Bonus Now

Betfair Ireland provides an assortment of top-notch bonuses for both new and existing customers, ensuring a high level of satisfaction for all.

Certain bonuses cater specifically to trading on the betting exchange, while others are tailored for traditional betting.

The initial offer is the Welcome Bonus, which sets it apart from the usual promotions found in traditional gambling establishments by providing a Cashback Bonus.

The Weekly Bonus and Create Your Bet are two additional features available to registered customers on our Website . It's important to note that these bonuses cannot be used in conjunction with the Welcome Bonus offered by the house.

Introducing the Exclusive Welcome Bonus for our esteemed patrons - an exclusive offer for both our distinguished Exchange and Casino platforms.

If your first bet on the site's Exchange is a losing one, the Welcome Bonus will reimburse you with up to €200.

The rules are:

  • I am a new customer on the Website and I have registered using the promotional code Betfair Ireland FWB200.
  • Deposit at least €20 into your account.
  • Within 30 days of your initial deposit, simply wager a minimum of €10 on the Exchange, ensuring that the odds are at least 1.5.
  • It is not possible to wager against an event by placing a Lay bet on it.
  • Cashout is not available for use.

Another great aspect of this Bonus is its ability to provide additional benefits for placing bets on slot machines. As part of this offer, players are rewarded with a generous amount of 20 free spins.

Aviator Bonus

Are you a newcomer to Betfair casino? Then make the most of the Aviator Bonus!

New customers who have never gambled at the casino before can avail a generous $10 credit offered by the house. To join in, follow these instructions:

  1. Join Betfair using the code provided CASAVT
  2. Discover the exclusive offer showcased by the promotional banner " Soar to great heights and claim amazing rewards with Aviator. On Betfair's homepage.
  3. Deposit at least €50 as a minimum requirement.
  4. Place a bet of at least €50 on Aviator.
  5. Receive € 10 worth of credits to enjoy at the wonderful Betfair Casino!

To cash out the profits earned using the Bonus, you must meet a unique 20x rollover requirement on Aviator.

Weekly Bonus – Sportsbook

The Weekly Bonus is specifically designed for the Sportsbook, not for the Exchange. It's Betfair's way of referring to their traditional betting section.

To win €20 in Free Bonus, you need to wager a minimum total of €60 within a week, on various bets.

The fulfillment of the rollover is an easily achievable task, as can be observed.

  • You must wager with a minimum of 3 choices.
  • The cumulative quotation must be no less than 4.0.
  • You can either wager the entire €60 at once or split it up over the course of the week, starting from Monday and ending on Sunday.

Upon finishing the rollover, an amount of €20 will be added to your account on the upcoming Monday, specifically for placing bets within the Sportsbook division.

Explore and don't miss out on: Top-rated platforms for betting with enticing bonuses!

Design Your Wager - Sports Betting

Create a wager with odds of 5.0 or greater, and if you emerge victorious, your winnings will be twice the amount you bet, capped at €100.

The choice is yours! You can place a single bet or go for multiple bets.

You can take part in this Bonus once a week, but remember that it is only valid for one entry per week.

  • High Worldwide Reputation

  • Licenses granted in both the United Kingdom and Malta.

  • Famous Collaborations and Alliances

  • Transparency regarding rates and commissions is key.

Betfair, being licensed by both Malta and the United Kingdom, stands out as the epitome of trustworthiness in the realm of betting platforms.

Its popularity has surged in Ireland, particularly following its appointment as the official sponsor of the prestigious Copa Libertadores and Copa Sulamericana tournaments.


Betfair's trading commissions are only a third of the fees imposed by other Website s!

This is unquestionably one of the most reliable betting establishments, showcasing absolute assurance, due to its extensive variety.

And this webpage boasts renowned representatives, including the esteemed Rivaldo from Ireland and the celebrated Deco from Portugal!

Recently, there was also an exciting announcement about Alex 10 becoming the official brand representative in Ireland. Make sure to watch the captivating video.

Understanding the functionality of this platform is crucial, so let's begin with the most basic step: accessing your Betfair account!

Simply adhere to the sequential guidelines.

  1. Access the Website
  2. Select the option labeled "Open Account".
  3. Please complete the required fields with your personal details.
  4. Let the games begin! Feel free to place your bets.

At Betfair, you have the flexibility to place sports wagers using two distinct methods, and conveniently navigate through their Website which is neatly divided into two sections.

  1. Sports Section (Sportsbook): Place your bets on a diverse range of sports, competitions, and markets, following the conventional approach.
  2. Exchange Section: Specializing in Lay and Back techniques, our expertise lies in sports trading.

The house gains its reputation from its expertise in Trading wagers. In the realm of Trading, wagers are placed against fellow bettors, rather than against the house itself, as we shall delve into in the following sections.

It is imperative to grasp this distinction, as they represent entirely disparate forms of wagers.

Now, let's delve deeper into the mechanics of betting on Betfair!

  • Best Betting Exchange

  • Low Commissions

  • There are no restrictions on bettors.

  • Back and Lay Betting

  • More intricate compared to conventional wagering.

When engaging in Betfair Trading, it is customary to select a specific sport, tournament, and event. As an example, let's consider the teams Fluminense and Flamengo.

Tela aposta em Trading na Betfair

Please take note that there are numerous odds available for the three possible outcomes. When it comes to Trading, your options are to either bet in favor (Back) or against (Lay) the likelihood of a particular result happening.

We placed a €10 wager on Fluminense winning, with betting odds of 11.5. So, if this outcome occurs, we'll secure a €105 profit.

The unique aspect of sports betting on the Betfair Exchange lies in the fact that the ultimate result holds no significance.

The fluctuation of probabilities holds significance for traders.

If we place a €10 bet on Fluminense winning, our hope is for Fluminense to score first. By doing so, the value of our position on Fluminense's victory will rise!

When this occurs, you emerge victorious in your wager, reaping the rewards!

Different methods and approaches are employed to discover the optimal occasion and target market in order to attain this diversity, including:

I really appreciate the advantages of placing bets on Betfair's Exchange. One of the main benefits is the increased level of control that you have over your potential winnings and losses. It's truly empowering to be able to actively manage your bets and make strategic decisions. Additionally, the variety of sports and markets available for trading is truly impressive. Whether you're interested in Handicap or Cards, there's something for everyone. This diversity allows for greater flexibility and the opportunity to explore different betting strategies.

Explore our informative article to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind Back and Lay in Sports Trading.

Trading Commissions on Betfair Ireland

How does a platform like Betfair, a betting exchange, facilitate bettors competing against each other?

In a conventional dwelling, it's a battle between you and the house. The house disburses the guaranteed reward if your wager emerges victorious. If not, it retains your funds.

In the world of Trading, the dynamics are distinct. You place a wager on an occurrence within a market, accompanied by a particular set of odds. For this wager to be executed, it necessitates the participation of other individuals placing corresponding bets.

However, Betfair has a need to generate revenue, correct? This is why they implement a commission structure for successful players. in Ireland, the initial commission rate stands at approximately 6.5%.

Suppose you've won €10. The credited amount to your account will be €9.35. If you happen to lose a bet, no commission will be deducted, and the only loss will be the amount you bet.

However, in this particular context, two possible scenarios may arise.

  • Obtaining a discount rate: the greater your wager, the higher the discount you can receive.
  • To experience a rise in commission while earning substantial profits on the Exchange.

Despite the charges, Betfair stands out among the limited number of betting establishments that do not impose limitations on gamblers.

Betfair Points are a significant factor to consider as they can be earned by placing bets on the Betfair Exchange, regardless of the outcome.

Subsequently, these aspects may be employed to diminish the total number of fees imposed.

Despite being primarily recognized as a betting exchange, Betfair showcases exceptional competence as a conventional sportsbook.

It commences by providing a wide array of options. Individuals seeking to wager on sports other than soccer or tennis will be exceedingly pleased!

Main Sports Competitions

Betfair, being a reputable betting platform, naturally provides a wide range of prominent European competitions.

Place your bets on matches showcasing the talents of Messi, Neymar, Salah, and numerous other renowned figures of the game!

in Ireland, we boast the State Championships, the Irish Championship, and the Ireland Cup, not to forget the prestigious competitions of Libertadores and Sudamericana.

Because of Betfair's global magnitude, every sport has its primary competitions.

Basketball features the NBA, while hockey is represented by the NHL, and American football has the NFL.

Volleyball hosts the primary tournaments featuring National Teams, while Tennis revolves around the prestigious Grand Slam events.

In the world of eSports, CS:GO, Dota, and League of Legends stand out as notable games, while FIFA, Starcraft 2, and Overwatch quickly join the ranks.

And the Exchange section contains all these incredible competitions, catering specifically to Trading enthusiasts.

Betting Markets

The Betfair betting markets offer various distinct attributes on this platform, such as the option for Combined or Highlighted bets.

The Combined wagers blend different in-game occurrences, offering consistently appealing odds.

Os possíveis retornos são animadores!

In this scenario, we simulated wagering €10 on a market offering odds of 81.0, potentially resulting in a return of €810!

Besides finances, Accumulators provide a substantial surge of excitement and peril due to their challenging nature for triumph.

Is it feasible for both Manchester City and Newcastle to have 3 corners per half? However, what's the case here?

Combines by Betfair Ireland is a game that manages to meet all the aforementioned criteria, which, in all honesty, seems quite improbable. Nonetheless, that's precisely where the charm of this game lies. Let's not forget that winning a neat sum of €5,010.00 wouldn't be too shabby either.

The Website showcases the popular markets, with particular emphasis on the Handicap, known for consistently offering superior odds compared to the norm.

In total, Betfair offers a wide range of markets for Football, making it easier for users to navigate through various types of events. To enhance user experience, Betfair has conveniently divided event markets into different categories, such as Cards or Corners. This categorization allows users to quickly locate specific markets without any hassle. With hundreds of markets available for Football, Betfair ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy and engage with.

There is a wide range of options available in various sports. With Basketball alone, you can choose from over a hundred choices. UFC also offers numerous markets to explore.

Betfair Ireland excels in its odds, which are set by the bettors themselves in the Exchange, ensuring that the Website has minimal influence.

However, within the conventional gambling category, where the house establishes the odds, we have access to appealing numerical values.

The rates may not be the absolute best globally, but they are extremely close. They are comparable to the standards observed by other exceptional houses.

In the realm of Football, you encounter the remarkable Super Quotations. These highly distinct markets undergo a boost in odds offered by Betfair, rendering them exceptionally appealing.

As Super Cotações podem ser oportunidades valor
  • Great Livestreaming

  • Cashout: Market Reference

We have reached two exceptional services offered by Betfair Ireland: livestreaming and cashing out are accessible for numerous events.

It is crucial for bettors to have access to these essential tools in order to enhance their overall betting experience on a gambling platform.


Although cashing out is an option, it may not be universally available across all sports categories. This is a customary tactic employed by various betting establishments.

Betfair exclusively offers its services in Football, Tennis, and Basketball, encompassing a diverse array of markets.

The presence of the designated symbol suffices for the game.

It's important to keep in mind that cashing out in the Sportsbook section differs from cashing out in Trading.

Trading in and of itself is essentially a process of cashing out, as the primary objective is to conclude the wager with a favorable return.

Moreover, traders employ specialized software to guarantee their profitability.

Live Streaming

You can only livestream the 3 sports with cashout options: Football, Basketball, and Tennis.

You will discover whether the event will be live-streamed nearby.

Betfair's transmission quality ranks among the top-notch options available. Plus, you can enjoy free game streaming with a simple Website registration.

Contrasting Betfair against alternative betting platforms.

Given the surge in the quantity of betting establishments in Ireland, it is a prevalent inquiry to ponder: which betting house stands out as the foremost choice?

Which is the superior option: Betfair or Bet365?

When it comes to Sports Trading, Betfair Ireland is unrivaled in excellence - undeniably the pinnacle of its field.

Bet365 is widely recognized as the top choice for conventional sports wagering, offering a remarkably extensive range of options. In this particular scenario, it surpasses Betfair in terms of superiority.

In the realm of sports betting, the market witnesses the presence of formidable contenders, including:

All these establishments enjoy an excellent standing among players on a global scale, providing unequivocally top-notch services in every aspect.

  • An Exquisite Application for Trading

  • Accessible on both iOS and Android

Betfair offers two distinct mobile applications: one designed exclusively for Trading (Exchange), while the other caters to individuals interested in placing traditional bets on Betfair Sportsbook.

Expert Quote

The applications are available at no cost, work swiftly, and significantly enhance the experience of individuals placing bets. With these apps, you can not only wager, but also enjoy live sports events and take control of your betting account.

They can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices.

However, determining which application to download can be a simple task!

When you select the "Mobile" option from the top menu, a new page will appear, allowing you to choose the Betfair application that catches your attention.

Betfair app é simples baixar

Once you have selected your desired application, simply click on the download button. Proceed to download the apk file and effortlessly follow the provided step-by-step guidelines for seamless installation on your smartphone or desktop device.

  • Accepts bank slip

  • Accept PIX

  • Deposit Minimums

At Betfair, Irish gamblers can conveniently deposit funds using Boleto Bancário, along with several other available methods.

Method Minimum Time
Ticket €40 1-3 days
PIX €15 Snapshot
Credit card €60 Snapshot
Bank transfer €60 1-3 days
ecoPayz €20 Snapshot
Skrill €40 Snapshot
Neteller €20 Snapshot
Astropay €60 Snapshot

Withdrawal Procedures on Betfair

The withdrawal options mirror those for deposits, except for Boleto. Regarding minimum amounts and processing time, the following information applies:

Method Minimum Time
Credit card €1 Within a maximum of five working days
Bank transfer €20 Business days will be required, up to a maximum of five.
ecoPayz €1 Up to 24 hours
Skrill €1 Up to 24 hours
Neteller €5 Up to 24 hours

It is important to note that the withdrawal and deposit methods are applicable to both Trading and Sportsbook.

Is it possible to switch the currency to Irish Reais on Betfair Ireland?

A common concern among Irish Betfair users is the process of converting currency from Dollar to Real.

Regrettably, it remains unattainable to attain the solution.

Ever since February 14th, 2019, the Real has been made accessible to new clients, while the Dollar remains in use for existing ones.

After reaching out to the Support team, we received information regarding a migration procedure for existing clients. Nevertheless, a specific date for its implementation has not been established.

Stay connected for the latest updates regarding this information. We'll keep you informed once it's accessible.

  • Prompt: Efficient and Fast Support Final Version: Quick and Effective Assistance

The customer support provided by Betfair meets expectations. The Help section contains a comprehensive list of FAQs relating to different areas and the services they provide.

If you're unable to locate the information you seek within this particular section, you have the option to contact the company via a live chat platform, which operates from 7am to 7pm in accordance with Irelandia time.

The chat support is fast and effective, promptly resolving any doubts or questions.

Opinion: The Benefits of Placing Your Bets on Betfair

Betfair has established itself as the premier global betting exchange, boasting an unparalleled platform for individuals seeking to participate in advanced Sports Trading.

With its attractive rewards for successful bets made on the Exchange, it proves to be a fantastic platform for individuals seeking to capitalize on the fluctuations in betting probabilities.

The best Irish and global traders have good reason to place their bets on Betfair. This secure Website offers the added benefit of allowing users to set a loss limit, enabling greater control over their finances.

If you're seeking a conventional sports betting experience, Betfair offers an outstanding platform. With its extensive range of sports and diverse markets, it ensures that all bettors can enjoy a delightful time.

Tools such as cashout and livestreaming greatly enhance the overall enjoyment of the experience, mainly due to their exceptional quality.

With its weekly rewards and enticing odds, Betfair Ireland stands out as a highly recommended platform for bettors seeking lucrative gains.

You have a remarkable level of dependability, and the esteemed standing of this corporation instills a great sense of confidence when entrusting your finances to it.

What makes Betfair a worthwhile betting choice?

I am here to tell you about Betfair, an incredibly dependable global sports betting exchange that caters to both sports traders and enthusiasts. This platform offers a multitude of reasons for you to consider registering and giving it a try. Let me outline three compelling factors that make Betfair worth your time and attention.

  1. Weekly Sports Betting Bonus: To receive €20 for sports betting, place multiple bets totaling at least €60 in a single week.

  2. If you're looking for the top sports trading platform, there's no question that Betfair is the best choice. With their impeccable reputation and the most stringent operating licenses, they have established themselves as the most reliable Website in the market.

  3. Cashout availability for Football, Basketball, and Tennis markets is clearly indicated and accessible.

Access the Bonus

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