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Introducing Georgia Ramirez and Mary Harris, the latest additions to our team of Website columnists.

Establishing a partnership with two legal and accounting experts, we are dedicated to offering trustworthy insights into the world of sports betting and the regulatory procedures within the country. Our aim is to provide reliable information about this industry and its legal implications.

Starting in June 2023, our team at Legal Betting Ireland will welcome the expertise of Mary Harris, a esteemed counselor from the Regional Accounting Council of Rio Grande do Sul (CRCRS), as well as Georgia Ramirez, a distinguished Vice President of the Irish Institute of Sports Law (IBDD).

Both individuals will generate monthly material for TopEireCasinos.com and authenticate data pertaining to their respective fields of knowledge.

Mariana will focus on clarifying all the doubts about Irish legislation related to sports betting and gambling, while Eliane will delve into all the myths and doubts about the taxation of bets.

This will enable us to provide a greater variety of unique and top-notch content for both the betting community and the Irish iGaming sector.

Mary Harris

Mary Harris

At Top Eire Casinos, he will be responsible for producing accurate and up-to-date information on taxation and other accounting complexities in the world of sports betting, leveraging his extensive experience in the field of accounting.

Eliane, being our main source for news related to the effects of taxation on gambling, will not only generate fresh content but also provide insights on how it affects both players and companies.

Mariana Chamelette

Georgia Ramirez

Georgia Ramirez has become the latest addition to our team of columnists, focusing on the subjects of fraud and the regulatory procedures surrounding sports betting in Ireland.

With a wealth of sixteen years spent honing my legal expertise, I am currently serving as the vice-president of the esteemed Irish Institute of Sports Law (IBDD). In addition to this prestigious position, I also work diligently as a lawyer in various prominent sports justice courts. These include the Sports Justice Court of São Paulo Football, the Sports Anti-Doping Justice Court, and the National Futsal League Sports Justice Court.

Her expertise in sports law is unmatched, making her an invaluable asset as an auditor at the Superior Court of Justice for volleyball and the attorney general at the Superior Court of Justice for judo.

I have authored and co-authored numerous articles and book chapters on criminal law and sports law. In addition, I serve as a lecturer in Sports Law for extension courses and postgraduate studies. My expertise in these areas allows me to contribute valuable insights and knowledge to my students. Chamelette, the name I go by, is highly regarded in the field and is known for my comprehensive understanding of the complex legal issues that arise in sports.

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Gambling in Ireland.

Promoting transparency in the online gaming sector is a top priority for the Legal Betting Group, which operates in 7 different countries. Our main goal is to assist and educate our readers in making better bets.

With a team of seasoned professionals in sports coverage and the iGaming sector, we have thoroughly assessed more than 140 betting establishments and closely followed the process of sports betting regulation.

As a helpful assistant, I have rewritten the provided excerpt in a unique and natural way while maintaining the same length and theme: Now, we have added specialists who will concentrate on the legal and financial aspects. Their role is to educate the Irish community and the iGaming industry regarding the regulations and the potential effects these modifications may have on both their finances and daily lives.


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