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Discover 7 top-rated Website s for playing online scratchcards.

The scratch-off ticket remains a widely beloved lottery game in Ireland, having been introduced by Caixa Econômica Federal in 1991 and subsequently phased out in 2016.

At present, there exists a highly enjoyable and effortless substitute to avail oneself of: virtual scratch cards, conveniently accessible at leading Irish online casinos.

In this comprehensive guide, we address the primary concerns regarding the game, including:

  • What exactly is an online scratch card?
  • What are the top-rated online platforms for enjoying scratch card games?
  • How can one participate in playing complimentary scratch cards?
  • What are the key strategies for increasing your chances of winning scratch-off cards?

When considering scratch cards, our minds swiftly recall the card on which we use a coin to scrape and attempt to secure a reward.

When it comes to virtual scratch cards, the concept remains unchanged: your aim is to create winning combinations on the cards and secure a prize.


In our online platforms, we highly emphasize the thrilling world of "scratch cards"!

On gaming Website s, you will come across two distinct categories of cards. Let's delve into their details!

1. Traditional Scratchcard

The classic scratch-off card is displayed in the following illustration, sourced from the Betano site.

Raspadinha Tradicional no Betano Website

The card displayed bears a striking resemblance to the authentic scratch card, featuring its full potential value and a designated scratch-off section.

Instead of using symbols, you are presented with unique values. Should you come across three of the same values, you shall be rewarded with the corresponding cash prize.

If you locate three stars, you secure the grand reward!

When it comes to playing scratch-off cards, keep in mind that you will be required to pay a set fee for each card you wish to play. The cost of each card can vary, ranging from €1 to €3.

2. Scratchcard with a Video or a Theme

The video or themed scratch card offers a second choice for online scratch cards. The gameplay remains unchanged from traditional scratch cards, with the only difference being the visual and thematic elements involved.

  1. The amount you invest can vary depending on your preference.
  2. Instead of focusing solely on values, it is advisable to integrate symbols into your approach.
  3. The award equals the initial investment multiplied by the symbol category that has been matched.

To gain a deeper comprehension, let's explore an alternative illustration. Here we have an online scratch card at LeoVegas, an esteemed virtual casino.

Every symbol corresponds to a distinct value!

Since the Avalon scratch card is designed with a medieval motif, it showcases symbols associated with that era, alongside two letters.

NOTE: The letters have a widespread presence in slot machines as well as online slot games. Hence, we refer to scratch cards with themes as video scratch cards!

The unique feature of video scratch cards lies in their availability across a wide range of themes.

Themed scratch cards offer a greater probability of winning, as we will explore in the following point.

Online scratch cards serve the dual purpose of providing entertainment and the potential to win cash or prizes, much like online Bingo, don't you think?

However, if you lack the necessary conviction in your betting abilities, you have the option to engage in the game without any financial risk.

You have the opportunity to play both variations of the presented scratch cards without any financial commitment!

This is perfect for trying out your luck and getting a feel for the games. It's also a great way to kill time.

To access complimentary virtual scratch cards, kindly navigate to the designated Website s that we shall furnish shortly. It is imperative to bear in mind the necessity of enrolling through the establishment of a personal user profile.

By taking this approach, you'll find it more convenient to engage in money-based gameplay should you choose to do so in the future. Additionally, you can even capitalize on the incentives offered by casinos to welcome new players!

Free Online Scratchcards Gaming Website s

It's incredibly easy to verify whether an online Casino platform provides complimentary scratch cards, just like in the case of Betano.

Raspadinha gratuita na Betano

When the information button (i) is clicked on any scratch card game available at the brand's Casino, a separate button named Try can be found.

By simply clicking on it, you can enjoy free entertainment.

It's a method to implement the suggestions we're about to outline, until you're comfortable enough to wager with actual funds!

When it comes to physical scratch cards, your chances of winning are entirely dependent on luck. However, the beauty of online scratch cards lies in the fact that you have the freedom to select games that hold a greater promise of yielding higher financial rewards.

It can be intriguing to track these procedures.

  • Opting for video-based scratch cards.

  • Be mindful of the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for these specific scratch cards.

Let's delve further into these two mindsets, which have the potential to reduce your losses!

1. Choose Video Scratchcards.

As previously stated, video-based scratch cards provide a greater opportunity for winning in comparison to conventional online scratch cards.

However, what are the underlying causes for this? Please find them listed below:

An internet-based video lottery ticket is categorized as a one-armed bandit.

Slot machines are casino games that feature a predetermined payout percentage, known as the Return to Player (RTP), established by the gambling establishments.

A conventional internet-based scratch card represents a swift or immediate game, with infrequent instances of having a predetermined Return to Player (RTP).

Slot machines outshine them in every way.

2. Instant scratch cards necessitate a designated wagering sum.

The issue with instant scratch cards lies in their tendency to possess a predetermined value.

This particular value is unalterable. There are those that hold a worth of €1, while others are valued at €2 or even €3. Occasionally, you may stumble upon ones valued at €5, although they are relatively scarce.

Video scratch cards offer greater flexibility in terms of betting options. Whether you prefer to wager €10 or €0.25 cents, the decision is entirely up to you.

This will enhance your self-assurance during gameplay. If you believe in your luck, opt for €10. If you'd rather start small, wager €0.25.

Take note of the Return to Player (RTP) for these Scratch Cards.

RTP, an abbreviation for Return To Player, denotes the probability, expressed as a percentage, of reclaiming your investment during gameplay.

However, in the long run, this proportion holds significant importance!

As such, if you engage in repeated gameplay within a single game, RTP will hold significance in the realm of online scratch cards.

Consider, for instance, a meticulously designed scratch card game offered by Betsson, a renowned online gambling platform.

The game descriptions include details about his RTP, which stands at 96.03%.

No Website Betsson todos os jogos vídeo têm informações sobre o RTP

This figure may appear elevated, yet there exist games with a greater percentage. Moreover, it is clear: the increased return-to-player rate signifies enhanced quality!

Hence, it is advisable to consider the Return to Player (RTP) percentages of the diverse themed virtual scratch cards provided by internet-based gambling establishments. Remember to always aim for the greatest RTPs!

The popular physical format of the instant lottery, commonly referred to as the scratch card, was terminated in Ireland back in 2016 through Presidential Decree 8,897.

In 2019, nevertheless, Lotex, the game's operator previously owned by Caixa Federal, was sold to a foreign consortium through an auction.

Nonetheless, the victorious enterprise has withdrawn from the bidding procedure, and all signs point towards management reverting back to Caixa.

In certain regions of the nation, like Raspa Rio, it is still possible to purchase immediate scratch-off tickets.

Available for purchase in specific regions of the Rio Janeiro State, this product is created and overseen by Loterj, the official Rio Janeiro State Lottery.

  1. Metropolitan
  2. Mid Paraíba Valley.
  3. Central-South Fluminense
  4. Serrana
  5. Coastal Lowlands
  6. Fluminense
  7. Northwest Fluminense
  8. green Coast

However, is it possible to purchase scratch cards through online platforms? The answer is no; you must visit a lottery or authorized retailer in order to obtain them.

The scratch cards featured in this article are exclusively accessible through the internet!

The internet hosts a variety of online casino games, and the online scratch card is among them.

If you have a taste for adrenaline and enjoy taking risks, this game will captivate you. What makes it even more enticing is the fact that there are fully accessible versions at no cost.

If you’re an individual who finds pleasure in investing funds, online scratch cards provide a unique and exciting option compared to traditional games such as Online Roulette or Bingo.

Playing on offshore betting Website s ensures legal compliance for online gambling in Ireland.

In our viewpoint, playing scratch cards online is a worthwhile endeavor, as long as you approach it with the intention of having a good time.

Please remember the significance of gambling responsibly and refraining from investing beyond your means.

Online platforms to engage in virtual scratch card games.

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